My lifeless existence,

Is a question for the mystics,

It makes me go ballistic,

To not understand why.


So many men made up these hallucinations,

And created all these discriminations,

Against people from all different nations,

Just because we don't understand.


It's an abomination,

That we've created all this alienation,

All because of your intimidation,

Of others cultures and beliefs.


You seem to have such a fascination,

With pursuing assassination,

Yet your so for procreation,

For people who look just like you.


You have no inclination,

To the power of imagination,

You fill our heads with so much contamination,

We will forever cease to grow.


All your delusions,

Are based only on a story,

Causing you to see a hallucinatory,

World that does not exist.


We need to find some kind of rejuvenation,

To prevent our world from total obliteration,

To find the determination,

To save us from ourselves.