The Wm. S. Newman Brewing Co.

Albany, NY


The first craft beer brewery in the East

Brewers of Albany Amber Beer & Ale, Newman's Pale Ale, Newman's Winter Ale, 

Tricentennial Pale Ale, Newman's Beer and other beers.

Retail price of a brewery-filled 4 litre "cubitainer". 

While over twice the cost of the macro brands, the other craft breweries' beer typically sold for close to a $1/bottle, so that Newman's price for 135 oz. of beer was about half of a $5-6 sixpack (72 oz.) of other craft beers.

Label from contract-brewed Albany Amber from the short-lived Hibernia Brewing Ltd.,, Eau Clair, WI, (formerly Walter Brewing Co.)

  Newman would later contract brew this beer at C. Schmidt's & Sons of Philadelphia.  The abrupt closure of that brewery (most of its brands purchased by Heileman) in 1987 apparently placed a negative financial burden on Newman's, from which it never recovered.  In debt for $500k, the brewery declared bankruptcy.

  Finally (below - circa late 1987) Albany Amber Beer would be brewed at the nearby F. X. Matt Brewing Co., in Utica.   Matt was the brewer of one of the earliest examples of "contact-brewed craft beer" Mathew Reich's Olde New York Brewing Co's New Amsterdam Amber Beer.

Newman's entry in the 1983 Brewery Digest: