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For someone who's been on the Internet since it was all in DOS, it's taken me a long time to get around to having my own web-site. Frankly, I've never thought I had enough to say to make it worth the time and trouble. Howsomever, it's getting so easy to do, I was running out of excuses.

So Ta Daaa! Here it is - things I like, things I don't like, stories by me, stories by other people.

Some of what is posted here is slash, so if you're not old enough for slash, or just don't like it - don't read it - simple, eh?

Of course, I claim no copyright or ownership in the various characters involved, if they belonged to me, we'd all have more fun.

Slash I've written

Gen I've Written

Slash and Gen other people have written. Posted here with their permission, of course. These are stories I enjoy, give them a go, you might enjoy them too.

Recs - updated 12th April 2008 - not fanfic. Apologies to anyone who was disappointed

Links -

Rant of the Week - or knowing me, rant of the month (updated 17th Jan 2012)

Guestbook - if you hate something, tell me. Just say why you hate it. I am not one of those authors who demand nothing but compliments - tho they are always nice. Alternatively, you can email me at jess.inengland@gmail.com

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