Sexy New Years

Sexy New Years

Supplies Needed

I am using amazing artwork of Keith Garvey. To use his work you must purchase a license from MPT. Free Scrap Kit New Year Party by Seachell you can find HERE. Mask60 by WeeScotsLass can be found HERE and the city tube can be found in my supplies HERE.

Let's get started!!

Open a transparent canvas 650x600. Floodfill with white.

Add a new raster and floodfill with black.

Open the mask in PSP and go up to Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image. Find Mask60 in the dropdown menu making sure Invert Mask Data is unchecked. Layers - Merge Group on the mask.

Copy and paste New Year Frame2 from the kit. Resize frame to 90%.

Click inside of the frame with your magic want and go up to Selections - Modify - Expand by 4.

Add a new raster layer above the frame and floodfill the frame with black.

Highlight the black later and go up to Selections - Invert - Delete. Bring this layer under the frame.

Copy and paste the city tube as a new layer. I colorized it by going up to Adjust - Hue/Saturation - Colorize with the following settings: Hue 38 Saturation 71. Erase any overhang so it sits in the frame.

Copy and paste your tube of choice. Erase any overhang, dropshadow and arrange how you like.

Copy and paste the New Year Glitter as a new layer. Resize and arrange underneath the city layer.

Copy and paste New Years words 1 & 4. Resize both to 30%.

Copy and paste the champagne bottle from the kit. Resize to 30% and put in place.

Copy and paste New Years Party Glasses as a new layer and resize to 30%.

Copy and paste Balloon 2 as a new layer. Duplicate and resize 1 balloon to 40% and the other to 35%. I arranged mine behind the wordart layer.

Copy and paste the New Years watch. Resize to 30%.

Dropshadow all elements.

Add your copyright and name to your tag. Crop and resize how you like.


Highlight the glitter layer. Go up to Effects - Plugins - EyeCandy4000 - HSB Noise with the following settings:





Edit - Copy Merged. Open Animation Shop and paste as a New Animation.

Back to PSP.

Edit undo HSB Noise.

Go back to HSB Noise with the same settings as before except this time click random seed.

Edit Copy Merged over to AS and paste after current animation.

Repeat this step one more time for a total of 3 layers hitting random seed once more.

View your Animation, save as gif and your done.

Thank you for trying my tutorial and I hope you all have an awesome New Year!! :)

Hugs, Jess