About Me

I started archery in September 2009 by completing a beginner’s course at a small club called Nova Bowmen, who are based in the Cleckheaton area in between Leeds and Bradford. This is a small and friendly club with about 25 regular members. In the summer we shoot with very modest facilities in a farmer’s field just outside Cleckheaton, in the winter we have a new indoor venue at Roberttown Community Centre. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to offer advice and help. All bow styles including Longbow and Compound are shot at the club.

I shoot Recurve archery, which is the style you will see in the Olympics, there are other styles but I have always stuck with the Recurve Bow as this is my favourite type of archery.

Wherever I shoot I always remember that I am not just shooting for myself, but also I am representing my Club and my County, and hopefully someday my Country.

I began competing in local archery competitions and tournaments in 2010, in July I came second in my first big competition at St George’s archery club in Harrogate, this gave me a great buzz and spurred me on to enter more competitions. Since then I have won many local competitions, shot for my County of Yorkshire twice and entered the Junior National Indoor & Outdoor championships, competing against archers from the whole of Great Britain. I have a few county and regional records to my name as well. I was also ranked nationally as 24th in the country in 2012. In 2013 I entered both the Yorkshire Indoor Championship and Outdoor Championship and became Indoor & Outdoor Junior Girl Recurve Champion. For a full list of my successes, please see my Achievements page.

Following selection for the Archery GB Northern Performance Academy in August this year, my training now consists of strength & conditioning exercise’s 3 times a week, clingiband exercises 5 times a week, cardio vascular minimum twice a week, a minimum of 1000 arrows per week (spread out over 5 days) with a Pre-Hab warm up routine before every shooting session, Yorkshire Archery Academy training and of course attendance at the Archery GB Northern Academy once per month and additional coach visits as required.

 In October, Archery GB recommended me for a TASS nomination. TASS stands for Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme, This is a partnership between the sport’s National Governing Body and the Athletes education provider. TASS aims to help its athletes to balance academic life with training and competition as a performance athlete. Please click the following link for my profile page on the TASS website:

 I am Type 1 Diabetic, after being diagnosed with Diabetes in February 2006. After getting well again and obtaining good control & understanding of my condition, I resolved to not let the T1 take control of my life, but to make sure that I was in control, and it would not stop me from doing anything that I wanted to, especially with regards to sport. I have been able to carry on with Snowboarding, Duke of Edinburgh, I played Roller Hockey for a short time and now of course my Archery. I used to do manual injections of Insulin but I am now on an Insulin pump, which I love, as it allows me to make many adjustments to my insulin amounts to allow me to train and compete. Thanks to my Grandma, I now have a new CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) which tests my blood sugars at very frequent intervals and gives me an indication of how my blood sugars are reacting, this is a great advantage when training and competing in competitions as I just have to look at my pump to get my BG reading, rather than having to do regular finger prick tests. This all sounds easy but in reality, everyone with T1 knows how difficult it can be to keep 100% in control with good stable BG levels, lots of things can affect it such as adrenalin, emotion, exercise, pressure, all of which I have to deal with when shooting. 

I'd like to thank all those archers, coaches and club members who continue to help, encourage and support me when I attend my club shoots, competitions and training. Not forgetting all those who are not directly involved with archery but give me support and encouragement, but a big thanks to my mum and dad, who are always there supporting us, running us to competitions and training and just generally being the best parents any aspiring archer could want. Please see my Sponsorship page for everyone who has helped me so far.