Using focus to emphasize texture of your subjects.

"The great thrill of photography is...              Everything in the world has texture. When this texture is felt in a
when the image finally appears, that             photograph, it is a very noteworthy experience. In Abbott's
enchanting vision you saw in your                  photograph, you can feel the bumpy moldings on the building in the
mind's eye as you pressed the button.          foreground and the smooth concrete on the new building in the back.
Here is the visualization toward which           It is this experience where more than one of the human senses is
you have been working. It is complete           used, that makes this photograph so unique. In my photograph I
proof that photography is not automatic         hoped that the texture of the bark, slate roof, and old bricks would 
writing, but the creation of man's hopes        allow my viewer the same sort of visual and tactile experience.
and dreams and skill and will."
- Berenice Abbott


The photograph on the left is "Facade: Alwyn Court" taken by Berenice Abbot. The phgotograph on the right is "Old Building by a Tree" taken by Jessica Teicher.


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