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My photographs of Toronto as inspired by Abbott's New York work

My IES project was inspired by the work of Berenice Abbott, an extremely diverse and talented American photographer of the 1930s.

When beginning this project, I had limited knowledge of manual cameras, good photographic compositions and using black and white film. When looking for inspiration, I was taken by the unique and interesting work of Abbott during her architectual phase. But only when I further researched her life and career, did I realize the extent of her influence and range of her work, including a book on how to take photographs. After reading parts of this instructional work I became a student as well as an admirer of this brilliant woman.

During my project, I learned about the life of a great photographer, her  different photographic techniques used to create a good photograph, how to use a Pentax manual camera, how to develop and print film (although I did not apply this knowledge to my project), and the importance of planning when conducting an individual project.

The inspiration I took from Berenice Abbott was her subject of architecture in her city and her great application of photographic techniques. I analyzed her work in order to understand her techniques and how she used them to make great photographs.

I then applied these techniques as best I could during my own photographic excursions in my city, Toronto.


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