Maine Photography

Abbott re-connects with old-time America

“The Maine I saw then was like the old-fashioned America… It seemed very typically American to me. It hadn’t changed so much. It was much more like the early America I knew in Ohio. So it looked like almost seeing home.” – Berenice Abbott


In 1954, Abbott traveled the U.S. 1, pre-interstate highway from Maine to Florida with close friend Elizabeth McCausland. While traveling, Abbott took many pictures of the disappearing small-town life, specifically along the eastern seaboard. These are considered some of Abbott’s more “fun” work, although significantly less known and celebrated. In 1968, A Portrait of Maine was published containing Abbott’s photographs of Maine between 1954 and 1967.  


Shortly after this road-trip, Abbott had to undergo a lung operation. She was instructed to move away from New York City’s pollution and so in 1956 Abbott bought a run-down roadside inn in Blanchard for $1,000 and by 1966 she was living in Maine permanently.


It was in this home that on December 9th, 1991, Berenice Abbott, master photographer, inventor, writer, and teacher passed away at the age of 93.




             "Melbourne, Florida"
             Berenice Abbott

"Boy and Bicycle"
Berenice Abbott


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