Use of lights and darks to increase interest in the photograph.

"To make up for the lens' optical limitation - the human eye has much greater powers of accommodation - the photographer has to rely on his knowdge of other resources. These include distribution of lights and darks and linear pattern, so that psychologically he may reinforce the physical presentation of his subject." - Berenice Abbott
                                                                                    Lighting is an complex technique, as this is the tool that 
                                                                                    can make and enhance, or break and dullen your
                                                                                    photograph. In Berenice Abbott's photograph, light was
                                                                                    used to illuminate the reindeer, and this illusion
                                                                                    was enforced by the dark frame of the store window. I  
                                                                                    took this photograph of Massey Hall because of the
                                                                                    interesting light spots cast on the building. Like Abbott, 
                                                                                    I have used light as a technique to enhance the interest
                                                                                    my photograph.


The photograph on the left is "Designer's Window" taken by Berenice Abbott. The photograph on the right is "Massey Hall in Shadow" taken by Jessica Teicher.


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