Inspired by Berenice Abbott        

An IES project by Jessica Teicher on architectual photography

“Mostly only men are interested in [architecture]. I don’t know why. It’s damn interesting.” – Berenice Abbott



Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) was one of America's most outstanding photographers of the 20th century. Abbott had a great influence on photography in many ways, both through her own photography and also  through her introduction of another artist, Eugene Atget, and his unique photographic technique to a wider audience.


Abbott was raised in a generation of strict social rules and by becoming a working, unmarried and hugely successful woman, she became a legend and a great inspiration to the women of that time, and to photographers of every generation to come.


Berenice Abbott had four main photographic genres; portrait photography, architectual photography, scientific photography and small-town America photography. During each of these stages, Abbott also spent her time promoting the works of a great and previously unknown Parisian photographer, Eugene Atget.

Berenice Abbott and her strength and artistic talent was a great inspiration to me during this project and I hope that you will be inspired by this great photographer as well.