Welcome to The Laboratory for Social Judgment, Decision Making, & Law. Our experimental lab is directed by Jessica M. Salerno, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University. We aim to both apply social psychological theory to legal contexts, and also to advance basic research about social
judgment and decision making processes. Currently our lab is pursuing three lines of research regarding (a) the effect of emotion and intergroup dynamics in legal decision making, (b) how moral outrage drives biases against stigmatized groups in ambiguous legal contexts, and (c) how jurors evaluate the quality of
scientific evidence presented by expert witnesses in court. Another goal of our lab is to investigate how these decision making processes might differ for individuals versus groups.  For example, we investigate how extra-legal factors influence both individual jurors’ and juries’decisions, with a strong emphasis on the
group deliberation process.

Laboratory for Social Judgment, Decision Making, & Law

  ASU New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
  4701 W. Thunderbird Road (MC: 3051)
  Glendale, AZ 85306
  Lab Location: Faculty & Administration Building (FAB)

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