What skills or attributes do you believe are necessary to be an outstanding teacher?

I believe there many skills and attributes that are necessary to be an outstanding teacher. Some of the most important qualities are passion, leadership, classroom management and content knowledge. A teacher has many roles throughout the school day, therefore requires various qualities to be an outstanding educator. Throughout the school day, teachers accommodate the academic, social, and emotional needs of all of their students.

In addition, an outstanding teacher uses excellent classroom management techniques to produce a healthy classroom that is safe, resourceful and productive. An effective teacher engages all students into each lesson so they feel like they are part of the classroom community. Thus, when a teacher engages all students then the students become more active in the learning process. Furthermore, an outstanding teacher is extremely knowledgeable and understanding of the content being presented. It is important that teach teacher teaches a lesson dynamically as to cater to all students’ diverse learning styles.

An outstanding teacher is not only a leader but a good listener. Students seek a teacher’s guidance thus it is important that the teacher demonstrates leadership skills while helping students be successful in working together.  An outstanding teacher is a role model to all students thus must always handle each situation in an appropriate way so that students can learn from those situations as apply them to their everyday life.  Lastly, an outstanding teacher has the ability to influence students not only at school but within the community as well.