How would you address a wide range of skills and abilities in your classroom?

I would address a wide range of skills and abilities in my classroom by differentiating my core instruction in order to meet the needs of all my students. There are several ways in which I could differentiate my instruction. I would have students work independently, in a whole group, in pairs and in a small group. Therefore, they have a change to not only learn from me but also from others as well as themselves. I would also encourage my students to ask questions, participate in discussion as well as group activities. Furthermore, I would often asked questions about what the students are interested in so I can integrate that in my lessons and activities. If students are interested in a topic or activity they are more likely to want to learn more about it, thus they become more engaged. In addition, I believe it is important to provide small group as well as one-on-one instruction in order to truly know the needs of my students and to better understand them as lifelong learners.