Jessica Eads' Teaching Portfolio

""The Explosion of media and technology... has made it all the more important that students master the core skills of gathering and evaluating evidence. Reading and writing with independence and confidence will remain master arts in the information age."
- Vicki Phillips

    My name is Jessica Eads and I am a recent graduate from Indiana University. I graduated in December of 2010 with my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish. I am seeking an elementary teaching position in grades K-6th, below I have summarized my experiences, credentials and education. 

Indiana University
     While attending Indiana University I was very active not only within the college community but also within the local community. When not attending class, I worked as a teacher's aide at a local pre-school for three years where I assisted the classroom teachers with the implementation of their daily lesson plans. This included various hands-on and age appropriate activities for ages two through 5 years old.  Through this experience I learned how important it is that children not only develop mentally but socially as well.

Costa Rica
    During my last semester at Indiana University I student taught in second grade at Hinkle Creek Elementary in Noblesville, Indiana. I had a fantastic experience and an excellent student teacher. Indiana University has a unique program, The Cultural Immersion Program, which allows students to student teach abroad in addition to their time teaching in Indiana. I was accepted to this program and selected Costa Rica as my placement. I chose to teach in Costa Rica for several reasons. One reason was, I minored in Spanish at IU, thus wanted some experience using my language abilities. Furthermore, I wanted to experience a different education system as well as cultural structure. While I was living in Costa Rica I taught daily English lessons as well as math in a Kindergarten classroom. It was a great experience that I would highly recommend to any I.U. student.

 My two different student teaching experiences allowed me to take a step back and examine our education system here in America as well as the one in Costa Rica. In addition, I now have the experience of living in a different country and being outside of my comfort zone, which I believe has made me a better educator. I could not have asked for a better learning experience to end my time at I.U. Through my student teaching experiences, I learned what it means to be an educator, the hard work, dedication and passion it truly takes.


    Upon graduating I accepted a temporary position as a Kindergarten teacher with Noblesville Schools. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience because it allowed me to put everything I had learned student teaching into practice. I taught half-day Kindergarten with about 48 students in all. After this position ended, I continued to substitute teach within Noblesville Schools in various grade levels. Substitute teaching allowed me to experience all different age groups as well as classrooms. In fact, I still reference a notebook which I carried around with me during this time to write down ideas. 

    In the fall of 2011 I became a Kindergarten Instructional Assistant with Noblesville School in their Full day Kindergarten Program. As an KDG IA I assisted the classroom teacher with the creation of lessons, assessments and activities. I was fortunate in the fact that my classroom teacher, wanted me to have as much experience teaching as possible. Thus, we would often take turns teaching lessons or doing a read aloud. This position allowed me the opportunity to teach a classroom of students while also being able to learn from an experienced teacher.

4th Grade

    Most recently, I have accepted a temporary position as a 4th grade teacher with Elwood Schools in Elwood, Indiana. This position began in March  2012 and will go until the end of the school year. Thus far I have had an amazing learning experience in teaching 4th grade. I believe it is important that all educators should experience as many grade levels as possible in order to see the big picture of education. Since I started in Kindergarten I understand and know where these students begin. Now that I am in 4th grade, I know what they will eventually be doing in the higher grades. Thus, I feel I have a deeper understanding of how important it is to not only make sure children are learning but that they are also understanding the concepts taught.

Girls on the Run

    In my free time I enjoy being an assistant coach for Girls On the Run of Hamilton County.  It is a running program for young girls that teaches not only  physical health but emotional and social health as well. I also enjoy running in half-marathon races and I am excited to be running in my 6th half-marathon this spring. I also enjoy being lost in a good book, travelling, crocheting and scrapbooking!

    I strongly believe in growing as an educator and one way that I am able to do this is through Twitter. Follow me @jmeads.
I have linked my resume to this page (see below).

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