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About Me...
A little bit about me.

 My name is Jessica Chu, I'm Chinese, moved from Hong Kong to here around 6 years ago. I'm a grade 12 student from Pinetree Secondary, currently taking Modular Survey 12 (Block 4). In the past, I've taken Info Tech 9, Mod Survey 11, Graphic 11(currently in Graphic 12) and other basic knowledge I learned from middle school. Things I expect from this course are into the more advance use of certian programs related to graphic design. Hobby wise, I love to draw, I've been taking art lessons ever since I was little. I sketch, paint, draw manga, all sorts of style. And as you can see, I'm really interested in Japanese (it's all over my site if you can't read it) and I'm currently taking Japanses 12 here in Pinetree.  

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10 Random facts about me:
1. Other than drawing, I also love fashion design
2. I like dancing and singing (except I can't sing well XD )
3. I've travelled to South Africa, Korea, Japan (5~6times),
Beijing, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, US 
4. I can speak Cantonese and Mandarin
5. I like to play online MMORPGs :D
6. I love japanese fashion (although people look at me weird :< )
7. I'm an only child~
8. I like all kinds of music except for metal and rock
9. I love Japanese and Italian food
10. I LOVE tiramisu :) <3