Assistant Professor: Colorado College Economics and Business Department

Associate Research Fellow: IFPRI Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division

Working Papers and Publications
                Appendix B: Efficiency 
                Appendix E: Ethnography
  • Bachewe, F., Berhane, G., Hirvonen, K., Hoddinott, J., Hoel, J., Tadesse, F., Taffesse, A.S., Woldehanna, T., Worku, I., Yimer, F., Yohannes, Y., Abay, K., Yigezu, B. Beyene, H., Abebe, Y., & Meshesha, N. (2014). Feed the Future (FtF) of Ethiopia–Baseline report 2013.

Work in Progress
  • Hoel, Jessica B. ``Motives for sharing between spouses and strangers: Experimental evidence from Kenya.'' Mimeo September 2013
  • Hoel, Jessica B. ``Gender differences in asset reporting.'' Mimeo May 2013.
  • Gilligan, Daniel, Jessica B. Hoel, and Naureen Karachiwalla. "Risk, ambiguity, and the adoption of e-verified agricultural inputs." Baseline complete. 
  • Bernard, Tanguy, Melissa Hidrobo, and Jessica B. Hoel. "Spousal cooperation in the lab and productive efficiency in dairy production." Baseline complete.
Permanent Working Papers
Surveys (Translated versions and LaTeX code available on request.)