Associate Research Fellow: IFPRI Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division

Working Papers and Publications
                Appendix B: Efficiency 
                Appendix E: Ethnography
  • Heathers, James A.J., Jessica B. Hoel, Simon Wegerif, Benjamin Schwab, Natasha Ledlie, Kibrewossen Abay, Guush Berhane, and John Hoddinott. ``Smartphone Platform Survey-Scale Heart Rate Collection – a Performance Evaluation in Ethiopia.'' Wireless Health forthcoming.

Work in Progress
  • Hoel, Jessica B. ``Motives for sharing between spouses and strangers: Experimental evidence from Kenya.'' Mimeo September 2013
  • Hoel, Jessica B. ``Gender differences in asset reporting.'' Mimeo May 2013.
Permanent Working Papers
Surveys (Translated versions and LaTeX code available on request.)