Here is the old stuff:

Well hello there. I am Jesse. Producing music is my hobby. One day I discovered Google Sites, and I decided to make a website to host some of my songs, in case anyone wants to hear them, or download them. So go ahead and listen to them if you want, and you can download them if you want. Just don't use them to make money without my approval.

(Just to warn you, I don't always give the songs meaningful file names or tags. That means that before you put them on your MP3 player you might want to fill in the artist and album and stuff if it's not already there.)

Ze Songs

Goo - the best song I have ever made. April 26 2011

Dansh - n-sss n-sss. made February 2011

Farzak 2 - the same song as farzak 1 but I took a different route. I kept trying to put the ideas together in different ways...

Farzak 1 - kind of like a dance song. gets all minor key part way through. jan 2011

Celebrate - Me messing around and acting like a funky 70's man. made oct 2010. Started out with the weird disco-ish "celebrate" idea and then played something on the keyboard using a blues scale and then went on the computer and made what i played a lot better and added harmonies. This came out and it is pretty good.

Beef SongA song about the best food ever. Made September 2010. Lyrics -

Phones - made around august 2010. kind of a nice song.

The Milk Crate Song - made around august 2010. Unofficial theme song of Zach Stahl.

Untitled - This is an electronic song I made around December 2009. Some of it was recycled from other songs. It's only just barely good enough to be worthy of the website. (I made a MIDI version just for fun - ).