Graphic Design

Graphic design and Photoshop are what got me into design, and what allowed me to find the confidence to call myself a designer. My early graphic design work was based around interface design for smartphone apps. This is where I got professional experience in graphic design. Above you can see a sales graphic I created to showcase an app (and brand) I helped to redesign. 

Below you will find a smattering of my body of work, which varies across the spectrum from random designs to contests to jobs and rebrands.

My current graphic design work comes in my studies and application of my engineering knowledge. Many of those examples can be found in my Senior Design Capstone Projects (Architectural and Engineering). is a collection of work for an app I helped to design. This app was a widget to be used on Android smartphones to access Twitter. This specific job was a collective effort between myself and a developer based in Paris, France--Joaquim Verges

Together we rebranded, and redesigned the entire app. The rebranding settled on a rough-edged brand. Falcon for Twitter was clean, sharp and heavily customizable and powerful. The design was made to follow (then) Android design guidelines to bring all of the heavy functionality down to an easy-access scale.

At the time of the app's height, it was featured on many blogs. Joaquim was also interviewed about the app on a spanish blog. Falcon had a user-base of 100,000 - 500,000 users and a Joaquim and I ran all marketing, and customer service issues and requests. 

Contests and Branding

Through graphic design classes, and searches I have been a part of a few design contests. Below are some contests i entered in 2012. Both around the basis of branding.
Above is a design for a race which was held for Leukemia and Lymphoma. The challenge was to create the race shirt for those who participated. My design was meant to highlight the benefits that came from running, and working hard to accomplish the goal of both finishing the race, and raising money for a good cause. The word cloud idea turned out to be more challenging than expected due to my want to keep the design orthogonal, unlike most word-clouds. 

While I do like the outcome of this design, I feel if I had done more research into the context of the race, and the shirt, that I would have gone with a more graphical approach to create a piece with a striking presence. 

To the left is a design for a local dairy delivery service, Royal Crest Dairy. The dairy was having its 85th anniversary. They were looking for a design that could be stamped on the bottles of that year's deliveries. 

My design is meant to capture the company's sustainable practices with the universal arrows. The color scheme was chosen to help represent the company, and the fonts were chosen to have a nostalgic feel, but modern looks

If I was to redo this design, I would incorporate custom typography to further distinguish the stamp. This would also lend to the nostalgic feel with varying x-heights and letterforms