Optical Design

CU Boulder - Fall 2015

Skills Built:

    ★★★★★  Photopia
    ★★★★☆  Lab Procedures
    ★★★★☆  Applications Eng.
    ★★★☆☆  Excel
    ★★★☆☆  Emerging Tech.

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The final project in CU Boulder's Optical Design class was to design and build a square-distribution lens for an existing LED star board (a CREE XQ-E). To create the square-distribution, LTI Optic's software, Photopia was used. With the help of Professor Mark Jongewaard, I developed this square lens meant for parking garage applications. In simulation, this lens performed very well. In the attached report it's easy to see that the distribution is very square. Not only that, but when placed in context (a 62' x 120' parking garage) the lens gives a very uniform overall distribution. 

In application, an innovative company (LuXeXcel) which can 3D-print optical quality parts donated their services. When the parts arived from their shop mine was too large to fit on the star board (an issue which got over looked while trying to refine the optical performance). Because of this issue, part of the lens needed to be ground off to accommodate the board's solder points. In all of this, as well as he adhesion method of double-sided tape, lead to a physical test which performed much worse than expected. Color banding issues arose form the tape, as well as optical performance issues associated with high levels of error optics this small (~5 mm in depth).

AGI Render using IES file produced in Photopia (8 fixtures)