Electrical Engineer & Lighting Designer 

Architectural Engineering Design Group

Denver, CO - Summer 2015

Skills Built:

    ★★★★★  Collaboration
    ★★★★★  AutoCAD
    ★★★★★  Coordination
    ★★★★★  Visual 2012
    ★★★★  Time Management
    ★★☆☆☆  Revit
    ★★☆☆☆  InDesign

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I began work at Architectural Engineering Design Group AEDG in the summer of 2015. I accepted the internship there because of the combination of electrical design and lighting design that they offered. This was an opportunity that I felt would help me understand who I am, and what I like. I worked on full-scale site lighting calculations, to warehouse lighting and electrical design, to residential electrical design. The variety of projects I worked on were broad and offered me a great opportunity to learn about the industry. A focus of AEDG was coordination between disciplines. Through this ideology I learned a lot about how, and when to clarify designs with the consultants we worked with. My portfolio set is available here (all projects were a part of a team effort, and by no means is all work shown in the portfolio exclusively mine).

Visual 2012     

A large project I worked on was a whole-site lighting design for a large low-income housing campus (Kestrel). This site was done in conjunction with the landscape lighting done for 3 buildings in the southeast of the campus (foreground in the picture below). The project involved checking with Louisville, Colorado code to make sure that all site boundaries met light trespass requirements. Along with that was meeting the client's request to see that light levels were met on exterior stairways. 

While exterior lighting was a majority of this project, AEDG also had scope to do electrical and lighting design within buildings that contain housing, tenant improvement spaces, as well as community space for the apartments. The plans for these spaces can be found in my full AEDG portfolio under the Kestrel title.