What Qualifies Me as an Engineer?

I began my undergraduate work at Colorado State University (CSU) and transferred to The University of Colorado Boulder (CU) to complete my degree. 

My move from CSU to CU was based purely on the want to move to the Architectural Engineering Program. Through this program I have found a group of peers, and professors who love what they do. That love is what has driven me through the program giving it the attention It deserved. 

My engineering background comes from classes from all sides of a building. Classes like:
  • Lighting/Electrical Systems
  • Structural Systems
    • Concrete, Steel and Masonry design
    • Structural Material Analysis 
  • Mechanical Systems
    • Thermal Comfort
    • Fluid Dynamics/Heat Transfer
At CU I have had the opportunity to have new experiences both in and out of class. These experiences unique to me are