Interchange Arcade
Interchange is a four-level course for young-adults and adults developed by Jack C. Richards. It is  the world's most succesful series published by Cambridge. Interchange focuses on International communication and presents its content using real-world topics. The Interchange Arcade is an excellent extension and revision material. There you can download all the audio files used with the books. From Intro to Book Three there are several activities like matching, unscramble, fill in, multiple choice, and crosswords. All of these activities practice  listening, grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills. Don't miss it! Link

Touchstone Arcade
Touchstone is a complete english course from Cambridge designed to adults. This place was created to give extra-practice on this material. There are plenty of games, exercises, and enjoyable activities. All the four levels are covered. Outstanding for everyone interested in english for global communication. A real touchstone of quality in English learning. Authentic English is used and the lessons are on high-interest topics.Dive in! Link