Our Nest
We moved into our home in August. We are currently renting our home, but are hoping to either purchase it in a year and renovate, or buy a new home.

Our little home. It's small, but we love it.


 steps before

steps after

Dining Room...we have since added an area rug- will post new pics soon

Canvas' I found at an estate sale. They are currently in the dining room.


Sconces on the opposite wall.

Master bedroom before...hated that green!

Master Bedroom After

I ordered the empire west ceiling tiles this week in black and I plan on hanging one on each side behind the lamps.

Bedding is from Target, the pillows and throw came from Home Goods.

Wall in living room, dedicated to wedding photos.

Mantle in our sitting room / office 


Please excuse the dishes in the sink and the wisemen in the window from Christmas


Wine glass rack DH installed



That dreaded loveseat is a thorn in my side! DH's aunt gave it to us and it's super heavy to lift and the dog loves it, so we have kept it for now. The pub table was free from a client who was going to trash it.



We spent Saturday working in the yard and planting flowers. Our mailbox was in sad condition so we gave it a coat of black paint, added some brick bordering and flowers. I think it looks much better.

 Our Home 

Our house is in no way shape or form our dream home...far cry from it. We are renting it at the moment and hopefully will be buying it in a year and doing a complete renovation, or we will be purchasing a home of our own. Right now though, it works for us. Our landlord lets us fix things around the home so it's more like our home, which has been nice.

       More to Come:

  • Sitting Room
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Guest Bedroom

 Thanks for looking!