Burlingame and Bradford

Burlingame and Bradford 



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"Jeremiah Colegrove moved to what became the manufacturing town of North Adams, Massachusetts in 1780. The Daily News of  Troy NY said of North Adams in 1890:

"The real prosperity of the Town had it’s birth in the introduction of the first machinery for carding wool in 1801, when one carding-machine was put into Jeremiah Colegrove’s Grist-mill… Captain Colegrove erected a two-story mill on the east bank of the south branch, where the Phoenix mill now stands, for wool carding, cloth fulling, and cloth dressing; and he successfully carried on the business for fifteen years, despite the energetic competition of David Estes, who succeeded Roger Wing in the River Street mill…"

Captain Jeremiah Colegrove, along with others including Benjamin Sibley formed "The Adams North Village Cotton & Woollen Manufacturing Company"."

Courtisy of Wikipedia