I hold a PhD in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and and currently work as economist in the Ministry of Taxation.

My primary research interests lie within the core areas of public finance and labor economics such as taxation, labor supply, retirement, education policy and inequality. Topics that I have worked on in my PhD primarily with an empirical approach. During my studies I have collaborated with professor Anthony Atkinson (Oxford) on a project on the long run development in income inequality in Denmark and Henrik Kleven (LSE) and Camille Landais (LSE) on a project on gender norms and the gender pay gap. My supervisor was professor Claus Thustrup Kreiner.

The combination of my experiences from the academic world and my work in the Ministry of Taxation - and before that the Ministry of Finance - has given me some unique opportunities to apply modern economic methods to practical policy making - both in terms of empirical analyses and economic modeling. I for example participated in the development of the model framework used during the negotiations of the Danish 2011 retirement reform (Tilbagetrækningsaftalen) and the formulation of the recommendations by the Danish unemployment insurance commission (Dagpengekommissionen) in 2015. Furthermore my working paper on the relationship between education and labor market participation has become a central reference in the Danish public administration when projecting the impact of different educational initiatives.

Contact information
Jakob Egholt Søgaard
Economist (PhD)
E-mail: jes [at] econ.ku.dk