James E. Sledge Daylight Lodge #742   F&AM

We have moved to a one-story Lodgeas of January 2024Nelms Lodge #323 will be our new host!
MARCH 2024 DAYLIGHT MEETINGWednesday  March 13, 2024(2nd Wed in the month)
Regular Communication

MEETING DAY - 2nd Wednesday of each month

11:00am followed by Lunch

Location & Directions

 455 Concord Rd SE Smyrna, Georgia(Corner of Concord Rd and Hurt Rd) located at Nelms Lodge # 323

2nd Wednesday of each Month


About our Meetings


Please mail 2024 Dues of $58.50 to
James E. Sledge DLL Lodge #742% Richard Cunningham4293 Country Garden WalkKennesaw, GA 30152-2399

On Bended Knees


Continued prayers for Hugh Watson's wife Jenna.

Continued prayers for Doyle Martin's wife Seale.  

Bill Sheppard Wife - By-Pass

Jim Gaddy Sister - Cancer

Latham:  Anthony Austin - Cancer

Latham:  Russell Walker 1-yr By-Pass

Rusty Friend:  Son killed in motorcycle accident

Herman Brother Son - Stroke

Herman Niece - Cancer stage 4

Bill McGloin back needs P.T. still.

Jughead Rogers - sister passed

Terry Chaffin: Sister passed

Loyd: wife recovering from surgery

Danny McHale: Mother degenerative back problems

Danny McHale: Uncle Valve By-Pass

Pete: Son's mother complications fro hip replacement, broken femur


Russell's mother passed.

Herman's older Brother, Fred passed.

Continued prayers for Hugh Watson's wife Jenna.

Continued prayers for Doyle Martin's wife Seale.  

Herman's friend Rick Jordan took a fall and has a broken neck

Bill McGloin back needs P.T. still.

Bill Dycus knee and his wife's back.

Mike's mother-in-law passed.

Prayers for Kenneth Hood. Band of Brothers.


Jan Giddens grandson concussion with slow recovery, 

Continued prayers for Hugh Watson's wife Jenna.

Continued prayers for Doyle Martin's wife Seale.  

Herman's older Brother, Fred recovering from pneumonia.

Herman's friend Rick Jordan took a fall and has a broken neck

Bill McGloin back needs P.T.

Bill Dycus knee and his wife's back.

Russell's mother memory care needs our prayers. 

Prayers for Kenneth Hood. Band of Brothers.


Continued prayers for Hugh Watson's wife Jenna.

Continued prayers for Doyle Martin's wife Seale.  

Herman's twin sister.

Herman's older Brother, Fred recovering from pneumonia.

Herman's friend Rick Jordan took a fall and has a broken neck

Continued prayers for Jerry "Jughead" Rogers (cancer) - Band of Brothers.

Prayers for Kenneth Hood. Band of Brothers.

Russell's family visiting from New Zealand headed back and ask for prayers for a safe journey.

Russell's niece is headed to Pakistan and needs our prayers for a safe journey.

Prayers for Rick Hallwood on anniversary of his Dad's passing.

Prayers for John Miller and family traveling in Turkey.


David Goodnow's wifes's funeral wiil be on 8/16 at 3:00pm (visitation at 2:00pm)

Marcus's Daughter in Law needs our prayers. 

Kirk's wife - Trying a back stimulator.

Ted Rambo diagnosed with bone marrow leukemia and is having a rough time.

Herman will be using a leg roller for about 4 more weeks!

Loyd Leinbaugh is recoverd from a fall! 

Continued prayers for Jerry "Jughead" Rogers.

Russell's family is visiting from New Zealand starting on 8/24 thru 10/3. Prayers for safe passage! 

Continued prayers for Hugh Watson's wife Jenna.

Continued prayers for Doyle Martin's wife Seale.  

Prayers for Bennie Anderson who is going thru physical therapy on his back.


Sam Schwarzman  is in the Hospital 

John Kirbo

Herman's two sisters!

Rupert Raines wife Shirley passed

Kirk's wife - back may need surgery

Ed Jennings Surgery was posponed

Terry Hensley

Jerry Harwitz Son - Step-daughter strokes

Ted Rambo diagnosed with bone marrow leukemia


Bill Dycus Wife

Fernando Melo - COVID

Sam Schwarzman - cancer

Lawson Roland - COVID

Doyle Martin - COVID

Ted Rambo - bad fall

On 12/13/2017, Worshipful Master Rusty said goodbye with real bibs for his officers......  

Thank You Wor Bro Rusty for a Great 2017!


January - ROMEO's Meet at Semper Fi

(Retired Old Men Eating Out)


2024 Officers

Worshipful Master - COL Jim Moore

Senior Warden - Jan Giddens

Junior Warden - Herman Johnson

Secretary - Dick Cunningham

Treasurer - Randy Newman

Chaplain - David Kilgore

Senior Deacon - Rusty Cordle 

Junior Deacon - Mike Pappafotis

Senior Steward -  Kirk Martin

Junior Steward - Pete Mitchell

Tyler - Russell McDaniel


DW - Bill McGloin

Children's Home Ambassador - Jerry Harwitz


2024 DDGM

Worshipful Brother Mitch Tripp


Bro Bill McGloin 

2017 Mason of the Year

Sub District 7F

No picture, but we heard "Speechless" 

was used again to describe the event!!

James E Sledge #742


The Traveling Men.....

or "Where in the World is Jerry Harwitz"?

Aug 17 2021 at Mann Page Lodge No 157 Providence Forge VA with WM Tim Bednar and JW Philip White

Aug 16 2021 at Yorktown Lodge 205 Yorktown VA with W Robert Murray

2018 Harwitz - WM Robert Soderstrom Sandy Springs #124

2019 Harwitz - #63 Corinthian, New Haven CT


2019 Harwitz - Corinthian#63 New Haven, CT 

W Martin Rudnick 10-16-2019

2019 Harwitz - Charity Lodge #19 Jaffrey NH

2019 Harwitz - Williamsburg #6 VA

2019 Chickahominy #286 at Masonic Home VA

2019 Harwitz - WM Michael Fox Charleston, WV 

Kanawaha Lodge #20,  2019-05-06

2019 Harwitz -  WM T David Miller Cincinnati  

JB Covert Lodge No 437.  03-19-2019

2020 Harwitz - MW Evan R. Moody, WB Andrew Outten


2019 Harwitz -  MWGM Rosenberry 02-25-2019

2018 Harwitz -  Delaware Colonials Degree Team

2018 Harwitz - MWGM John Marinucci of DE

Last night (04/04/2016) the Cobb County Masonic Convention was held at Latham Masonic Lodge #12 in Austell. WB Jan Giddens was installed as Worshipful Master; also from James E. Sledge Daylight Lodge, brethren installed were WBs Don Wilkes-Deputy Master, WB Randy Akers-Junior Deacon, and Rusty Cordle-Junior Steward . Also from our Lodge, WB Hugh Watson served as Marshall and WB David Kilgore served as Chaplain. Past masters of the convention from Sledge include WBs Bennie Anderson, Doug Middleton, Hugh Watson and Richard Cunningham. We were honored to have Grand Master of Masons in Georgia, Brother F. Andrew Lane, Jr., install, and speak to us on ways to "live the learning".  A delicious meal was served and a super Masonic evening was enjoyed by all. Our next happening will be the  4th of July Parade in Marietta. It is a fun family event. Make plans to attend!

“Freemasonry-Making Good Men Better”

Sledge #742 now official supporter

of the Little Red Wagon Program!

read more here

MASTER MASON EXAM (for Nelms #323) 10/11/17

50-Year Apron (Courtesy) 10/11/17

BLOOD DRIVE 05/05/17

Gerald Harwitz 

and WM Mat Mihiylou 

Mt. Moriah #196 Yemassee,SC 

2017-11-07 Gerald Harwitz

and Mark Cooper 

Stafford #216 Furman, SC 

2017-11-07 Granite-Corinthian #34

Wilmington, DE

Gerald Harwitz and Jay Troy, WM

2017-11-03 Warwick Lodge #336

Newport News, Va

DDGM, Gerald Harwitz and WM

2017-06-20 Minneapolis Lodge #19

Gerald Harwitz with WM Charles Brennan  

2017-06-20 River Falls Lodge 106 in Wisconsin,

Gerald Harwitz with WM Brad Conklin 


We got the required 1000 applications for the State to start production on Masonic Car Tags.

Congratulations Brothers!

The Masonic Trowel - Contains a collection of

Masonic "Short Talk" Bulletins.


2017-06-13 Chickahominy Lodge #286 the WM and Gerald Harwitz 

Wor Bros Randy & Hollis present Teacher of the Year Award to Sheri Miller at Griffin Middle School with Principal Gillihan on May 13th as

part of our goal of recognizing and awarding outstanding Public Stewards!



Lodge Detail Calendar

Click below to find out all planned activities for the coming months........

Lodge Detail Calendar

2017-06-12 WM Joe Langdale Williamsburg #6 Williamsburg,VA and Gerald Harwitz

From the Worshipful Master

Our Cobb Co. Convention is putting together a Speaker's Bureau. Our lodge has the cream of the crop in Cobb County Masonry. I hope each of you will consider being a part of the Bureau. Just forward a topic or topics that you feel comfortable speaking to our brothers about. I look forward to hearing from you. 

--Wor. Bro. Randy Akers

Veterans Day 2015!

2017-05-03 Naval Lodge #184 Kittery,ME 

WM Michael Worrell & Gerald 

More Light for Wor. Brothers Randy and Rusty!


presented by WM Randy Akers


2017-05-03 St. John's Lodge Boston, MA 

WM Michael Worrell & Gerald

Congratulations and well-deserved Br Harry!

The Traveling Gavel

02/11/2015 that pesky Seven Hills Lodge

took the Gavel back again!

01/05/2015 at Seven Hills DL Lodge #751

 David, Bill, Rusty, Larry and WM Randy


Wor Bro Gerald Harwitz at St. Paul's Lodge #14

with MW GM, District Deputy


2015 Veterans Day Meeting!


WM of the NW Mounted Police 

Saskatchewan, Canada 

with Wor Bro Gerald Harwitz

Granite Corinthian Lodge #34, Delaware

Bro Jerry starts swings thru Florida - 2017

Bro Jerry starts 2017 in New Jersey

WM, Gerald Harwitz, Sec. 

Pennsville-Excelisor #54 Pennsgrove, NJ


Bro Jerry's Summer 2016 Adventures...

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, KS

Wilmington, DE

Louisville, KY

Indianapolis, IN

Bro Randy on the Road....

Home is where the Lodge is! 

2015 - Wor Bro Randy ON VACATION

..and this lodge is at home!

2015 - Wor Bro Randy in his hometown

Gerald Harwitz - Fall 2015

at Williamsburg Lodge #6 in Virginia Oct 29, 2015

At Aberdeen Lodge #187 in Maryland Nov 2, 2015

At Granite-Corinthian Lodge #34 in Delaware  Nov 3, 2015