Saturday June 30th 2012
Titleholders at The Cup
1410 East Elizabeth Ave. Linden.

Congratulations to Nuno's "Bogie's Boys"
on winning the Titleholders 1st Place Trophy.
Great job! Tough team!

Great job done by Rocky's "Extreme Team"
on coming in 2nd Place in the first 
place Titleholders bracket.
Way to go!

Friday June 29th 2012
Winners at The Cup
1410 East Elizabeth Ave. Linden.

Armando Agusti runner up in the 6/7 MVP bracket
on the left, league operator Jim Sydlo and champion
Danny Cintron.

Jim Sydlo congratulating
6/7 CHAMPION Danny Cintron

4/5 CHAMPION Gennady Schturman

2/3 CHAMPION Tommy Eckert

2/3 RUNNER UP Bob Joncas