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6/7 MVP 
bracket winner
Dan Alicea

6/7 MVP
bracket runner-up
Eric Hu

4/5 bracket winner
Jeff Doyle congratulated
by league operator
James Sydlo

2/3 bracket winner
Bob Joncas

2/3 bracket runner-up
Diane Swist

2013 1st place Titleholders
will be weekend of 7/12/13
at the Cup in Linden

MVP tournament qualified players.
Friday night 7/12/13 @ the Cup
7:30 Sharp!
1st Place $200
2nd Place $75

2/3 Bracket
Alan Maglaque
Rob Iacono
Jorge Costa
Diane Swist
Jennifer Sass-Macmannion
Bob Joncas
Daren Mongno
John Fallon

4/5 Bracket
Ray Starnick
Richie Lopez
Ron Cella
Mike Marshall
Kevin Kelly
Jason Derose
Jason Egeln
Bruce Callan

6/7 Bracket
Kyle Bubet
Jim Bogie
Tom Tarn
Dan Alicea
Frank Natiello
Dan Swayze
Eric Hu
Tony Neto

June 28-30, 2013
Congrats to Richie's "Crackalackin"
for winning the 2013 winter session
of the Tap Titleholders.

 Congratulations to The Cup's
"Sticks and Stones" for a terrific showing
in the Titleholders event at The Cup.
Second place is still something to be proud of,
especially with this level of competition.
This ain't the "B" league!  Great job fellas!

The Titleholders took place at The Cup in Linden

March 15, 16, & 17
Congratulations to
Bogie's Boys
for winning the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place
in the 1st place Titleholders tournament!
What a great job!

Congratulations goes to
Jim Bogie for winning the tough
MVP bracket.
Pictured here with league operator
James Sydlo

2nd place 6/7 bracket winner
Tom Tarn with league operator
James Sydlo

March 8, 9, & 10


Congratulations to Rocky's
"In Memory of Jimmy Kiss"
pool team for winning the
2013 2nd place
Titleholders Tournament
vs the Cup's "Filthy Animals"
Great job to all the teams
that participated.

MVP Tournament winners

Sydlo with 4/5 champ Matt Sica

2/3 champ Bob Searfoss
with league operator

2/3 champ Bob Searfoss
and 4/5 champ Matt Sica

1st & 2nd place in 4/5 bracket
Dennis Balka and Matt Sica

1st and 2nd place 2/3 bracket
Bob Searfoss and Ashley Latham


Dan Cintron

Eric Hu

Anthony Borg

Tommy Leonette

Armando Agusti

Jim Bogie

Tom Tarn

Dan Swayze