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Happy New Year Everyone

Sunday 9 ball at Nuno’s will start on 1/13.

If a team from another bar wants in on Sunday 9 ball, it’s ok with me.  We could really use another team on Wednesday, we have 5. This will be the last session to qualify for the Nationals in Biloxi, Mississippi in November and you must be active to play in the Rally in the Valley in Valley Forge, Pa in March.

The schedules for the new session won’t be out until 1/1/19. Please get me any roster or location changes as soon as possible. Please help us grow TAP, send me some more teams for this session and join the fun.

 The 9 ball finals will be held at the Black Diamond on route 22w in Union on 1/6/19. The 8 ball Titleholders will be held at Nuno’s on Friday, 1/11 & Saturday 1/12. The Summer session will be the first to qualify for the Nationals in 2020 in Wichita, Kansas. 

Some of us are going to Las Vegas in January, for the 1st ever “Rally in the Desert Valley” at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. Hopefully, this will be an annual event, so keep it in mind when making your vacation schedules. 

Please keep in mind that more of your money that you spend playing pool with TAP is put back into prize money and trips than others, especially APA. I forgot Tee shirts! I never see any APA tee shirts! We have more tournaments than most, and many fun places that you might not go to otherwise. We’ve been to Vegas, (when it was 75 degrees, not 115), New Orleans, Charleston, Louisville, St. Charles, Nashville, Dallas, Myrtle Beach, and Orlando.

We are going to Biloxi & Wichita, both wonderful Boyd Gaming resorts. Then there is the Rally in the Valley in Valley Forge, every year, which is a phenomenal event!

The competition is the best around. Those who don’t play TAP anymore, please consider again and for all you Jersey boys and girls, thanks for playing TAP, I really do appreciate it.


States 8/1/19-8/4/19 at Nuno's


Congratulations to Sunday Rumday for 

winning the state 9 ball championship

Congratulations to Lamplight’s All For One

for winning the 8 ball state championship


Rally in the Desert Valley, Las Vegas 1/24-27, 2019


TAP will be going back to the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas 

for the Rally in the Desert.

The dates are January 24-27, 2019More info on this will be coming.

Just like the Rally in the Valley, this will be a dream team format. TAP must have made a great impression on the Orleans at last years nationals.

And they made one on us as well.

We at TAP can't wait to go back!!

TAP announces locations for the

2019 and 2020 TAP Nationals

2019 TAP Nationals will be held in Biloxi, Mississippi
at the IP Resort and Casino.
Look out Biloxi. TAP is coming to your town!

2020 TAP Nationals will be held in Wichita, Kansas
at the Kansas Star Hotel and Casino.
Time for some pool and Kansas barbecue!




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Sabrina Gaviria
2014 Nationals 8 ball singles
winner 2/3 bracket


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It is with heavier hearts than can be imagined,

although we know many have felt this loss in their own lives,

that we have to send this email.

The man who was many things to so many....

TAP'S KING... the force of the future in the Billiards Industry....

Our Son, Husband, Brother, Papa (Dad), Poppy (Grandpa), Uncle,

Friend.... and so much more, passed away New Years Eve.....


He was an amazing being, and an inspiration to us all in countless ways. 

He has touched lives and made a deep impression on each and every one....

in ever meeting him you would never forget him.


Loyd had a dream.. a vision and a plan....

and 2014 was going to a year of many great things for TAP.

We are here to tell you that it IS going to be the year he envisioned.

WE will continue to make Loyd's dream a reality,

we will continue to be the best League out there and we will make him

proud carrying these dreams out for him.


He has planted the seeds and now it is our

job to nourish them and make them grow.

He will be watching us, and cheering us on every step of the way!


So from our hearts to yours and 

in his infamous words we will TAP ON!


Congratulations to Paul Caivano, pictured here
with Jersey Boys 45 league operator James Sydlo,
on winning "5 bracket singles tournament" at
the Rally in Edison


James Sydlo

TAP Licensee of the Month

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