Congratulations to

Union County's

Bogie's Boys

for winning the state title!

Good luck in So. Carolina!

Congratulations to

State Champs! 

Carteret Knights of Columbus Oddfellas!

"Knights of Columbus Oddfellas"
2016 New Jersey State

Here are the teams:

                                                                      Union Middlesex County                                                                     

                                                     Ben’s Hustlers (S)                                                            Goldstar Handicaps (F)

                                                     Frenchy’s Backhands (W)                                              Goldstar II (W)

                                                     Nuno’s No Pressure (S)                                                  K of C Oddfellas (S)

                                                     Nuno’s Sharpshooters (S)                                              K of C Oddfellas (W)

                                                     The Cup’s Bank and Spank (F)                                       The Polish Home (W)

                                                     The Cup’s Ballbreakers (W)                                           The Polish Home’s Ashley’s Bitches (S)

                                                     O’lager’s Dueces Wild (F)                                              The Polish Home’s Ashley’s Bitches (F)

                                                     Rocky’s House of Pain (F)                                              The Polish Home’s Po Ho’s (W)

                                                                                                                                                The Polish Home’s One Minute Timeout (F)

                                                                                                                                                Richie’s IHOP (S)

                                                                                                                                                The Chestnut Inn (S)

                                                                                                                                                The Chestnut Inn’s Full Tilt Boogie (F)  

                                                                                                          Union County

The Cup’s Filthy Animals (F)

The Cup’s Filthy Animals (W)

Cupped Up (F)

Cupped Up (S)

In Memory of Greg and Dave (F)

Mike’s Smokin Aces (S)

Mike’s Smokin Aces (W)

O’lager’s 8 Most Wanted (S)

O’lager’s 8 Most Wanted (W)

Regional’s Academy (W)

Regional’s Academy (S)

Style’s Inn’s Dave’s up on Shots (W)

The Cup’s B Club (W)

The Cup’s Bogie’s Boys (S)

The Cup’s Bogie’s Boys (F)

The Cup’s Bogie’s Boys (W)

The Cup’s D Club (S)

The Cup’s D Club (F)

The Cup’s D Club (W)