The Championship board winners, "Bipooler"
Joe Mazzeo, John Felz, Vince O'Conner,
John Baffa,Les Dong, Anthony Borg,
Dan Cantaloupe, and Andy LaiSame team,

"Bipooler"John Felz at the Rally

The third place winners in the Elite bracket "The Jersey Animals "
Ricky Cardoso, Jose Perez, James Sydlo, Shawn Ditzel,
Dan Jones, Dan Swayze, Jay Brookins,
and Jack Egeln (not shown)

Wow! What a Rally!
I can't begin to tell you all how proud I am to be
the league operator for this group from New Jersey!
There were 168 teams in the Dream Team 8 ball event.
We had 18 total teams.
Out of those, 10 made the Elite board.
We had a 3rd place finish by the Jersey Animals. 
The Championship board yielded us a winner,
congratulations go to Bipooler for
bringing Jersey Boys 45 more hardware.
All the teams played their hearts out and
all should be congratulated on
representing NJ in fine fashion.
God bless you all and look forward to playing soon.
Thanks for making me proud. You are the best!

Sydlo and Doyle at The Rally 

Sydlo doing his duty at the Rally 

Sydlo and new friend Dave

Sydlo and Junior