Once again TAP players made their annual pilgrimage to Allen Hopkin's Super Billiard Expo and TAP's Rally in the Valley. This year was another sold out 8 ball Dream Team event of 176 teams as well as numerous singles and 9 ball team and singles events. More then thirty 8  ball Dream teams were turned down that tried to get in past the deadline. It was a very busy weekend in Philly for our TAP members. 


And the winners are:


     Championship Board 1st Place 

     "Go Ocho", Jersey Boys TAP, N.J.



Singles 8 Ball Champions are:


2/3 Singles Champion William Popov from Jersey Boys, NJ

4 Singles Champion Eugene Pereira from TAP Canada

5 Singles Champion Tim Frazee, from Route 51 TAP PA

6 Singles Champion Reggie Runnels from Chicagoland TAP, IL

7 Singles Champion Jason Kochenour from Keystone TAP, Pa.

Singles Format for

Rally in the Valley 2015.


The deadline for singles Registration is March 16th.

Boards are limited to 64 players in each.

(depending on volume may be expanded with corporate approval.)

The singles format for this event is round robin to single elimination.

Single elimination will have a high board and a low board.

So, each player gets 4 guaranteed rounds.  


There will be 5 brackets.  2/3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Each round robin group will have 4 players in the group.

Each player in that group will play to the TAP race grid.


As each player wins they will get 1 point for a win and 0 point for a loss.

Objective of each player is to get 3 total match points.

The staff will be running a program to seed

the single elimination brackets and the tie breakers

from one board to the other will be

those with fewer game losses.

This is for all round robin groups together like we do the team events.


The schedule is as follows ....

2/3 Board Thursday April 16th 6 p.m.  Round Robin Only.  Friday, April 17th 8 pm Single Elimination

4 Board Thursday April 16th 5 p.m.  Round Robin and Start of Single Elimination Friday, 9 pm Finishing Single Elimination

5 Board Thursday April 16th 5 p.m.  Round Robin and Start of Single Elimination Friday, 8 pm Finishing Single Elimination

6 Board Thursday April 16th 8 p.m. Round Robin and Start of Single Elimination Friday, 8 pm Finishing Single Elimination

7 Board Thursday April 16th 10 .m. Round Robin Only.  Friday, 8 pm Single Elimination Start and Finish


This schedule allows for the Singles event to not be at the same time of the dream team events.  Dream Team events will be finishing up for the day on Friday at 8 p.m. so players are to plan accordingly with their team if they are still playing Friday night.  One event will not be held up for the other.  If the Singles Staff adjusts the start times on Friday night, they will make an announcement to the players as such.


All times are tentative based on table availability if team event is lagging on Friday night, the tournament directors may have to adjust accordingly.


Players should be 1/2 hour early on Thursday start times for a players meeting with the singles staff.


Once all players are pre-registered and run through the tournament handicap module, the singles staff will be putting into round robin groups that will be posted prior to the event, to include who is in each group, times and table numbers for each round.  Each group with be at the same two tables for their entire round robin.  Scoresheets will be completed for round robin prior to event, and delivered at the tables.  All handicaps must keep score as the scoresheets will be put into pool net.  All boxes must be totaled and the scoresheet complete and both players must initial off on it.


Each match has a 1 hour time limit. Instructions will be given in the players meeting in more detail.


Each bracket will have an assigned tournament staff person.


The Tournament Directors will be Rob and Lisa Gorski,

assisted by Mike Callahan,

Mike and Shannon Mofield, and John and Jessica Herpel.


Through out the event Round Robin Groups

and Single Elimination Brackets will be posted on

TAP Facebook page for all to view and share as well as be on the TVs.


Much work and planning is going into this by all in order to

provide a successful event that you all expect from TAP. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 


Any questions, email kelly@tapleague.com