Congratulations to “Tico’s Academy”

for winning the

Union County State Championship

over another Tico’s squad, “In the House”.

Tico’s squad, led by Ricky Cardoso,

played great pool all weekend.

Tony Neto, Sandro Cunha, and Eddie Carvalho

played tenacious pool all weekend,

keeping the pressure on all their foes.

The Academy is the second team from

Jersey Boys to qualify for the

nationals in Dallas Texas,

11/13 thru 11/16,

joining the Middlesex County Champs

from the Sandcastle,

“Your Anger Makes Me Happy”.

Great job everyone!

Play your best and grab a national title.

I’m proud of you guys

and of all the participants

that played this weekend.

Everyone played with great sportsmanship and competitiveness,

which is exactly the way the game should be played.

I’m honored to be your league operator

and good luck to Tico’s in Dallas.

Bring the National title home to Jersey Boys 45.

Believe you can do it! I believe in you.

Please don’t forget that you can enter

a dream team in Dallas.

Please contact me if you’re interested.

You will get all the discounts afforded to all Tap players.

 I want to thank The Cup, Pop, Dan

 and Melissa Stanley were great hosts.

The food was great and the

hospitality was awesome as usual.

One more weekend left to add a

third team for the nationals

in Dallas this weekend

at The Cup between Essex and Union Counties.

There will be a captains meeting

at 7:00 on Friday at The Cup.

Again, I want to thank you all for playing Tap.

It is truly the better league for the player.

We’ll never be as popular as the “B” league,

but we will always be better!

God Bless you all, and I thank you all for playing Tap.

Tap On!

 Congratulations to “Your Anger Makes Me Happy”

out of the Sandcastle Billiard Hall

for winning the

Middlesex County State tournament.

They will represent Middlesex County

and Jersey Boys 45

at the nationals in Dallas, Texas,

in November from the 13th thru 16th.

They beat a game Polish Home

team in the final,

with the great Dennis Spears

bringing it home for Baffa’s squad.

I want to thank all the participants

for a great tournament.

It makes me very proud,

as a league operator,

to have such a great group of players.

I couldn’t have asked for a greater event.

Thank you all for playing Tap.

Now go get a National Title!

PS Thanks to the Polish Home for being great hosts.

The tables were great.

The food, prepared by Jason Derose,

was outstanding.

God Bless you all,

and good luck to the squad from the Sandcastle,

“ Your Anger Makes Me Happy”.

Tap On!


Union County State Champs. 
"Tico's Academy"

"8 Most Wanted"


"Your Anger Makes Me Happy"
Middlesex County State Champs
from the Sandcastle

2/3 Champion Mike Cortese

Mike Cortese, James Sydlo and
runner-up Matt Mahon

4/5 Bracket Champ
Bruno Bernardo
and James Sydlo

4/5 Bracket Champ
Bruno Bernardo

4/5 Bracket runner-up 
Justin O'Connell,
James Sydlo
and Bruno

6/7 Bracket Champ
Ricky Cardoso

James Sydlo and 6/7 Champ
Ricky Cardoso

Ricky Cardoso, James Sydlo
and 6/7 runner-up
James Rowe