In June of 2009, I received a magnificent set of Koehler and Quinn pipes. This instrument was custom built to my specifications.  In terms of pitch, I had opted for a C set as I feel that this pitch has the sweetness of a flat set but still retains some of the punch of a D set.  

Michael Egan has always been my favorite pipemaker of the golden age of uilleann pipemaking in the 19th century. Therefore, I had asked David and Benedict to incorporate as much as possible of the Egan ethos into this instrument.  Ebony and nickel silver were the materials I requested for the construction of these pipes.   The chanter has 8 keys as was the fashion for deluxe chanters of the 19th century.  I had also requested the addition of an E regulator to the set since this note was present on many of the older 19th century sets.  

My D set of pipes is now an assortment of work by several makers.  However, the majority of the instrument was made by the late Johnny Bourke (RIP) of Bray, Co. Wicklow. Typically, I use both Seth Gallagher and Benedict Koehler chanters on this set.  The other non-Bourke item on this set is an E regulator made by Nick Whitmer.