Jerry's Poetry 
Nowhere & Everywhere!"


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Look down...
Down deep...

There is darkness in these depths
and feelings are held there...

Feelings needing a place to hold on to
Emotions churning but not surfacing or released
Looking for a branch to grab onto so as not to fall
more deeply into the unrelenting interpretation of it all!

Escape now, how to, which way?
Driven to the surface by desire to be free.
In pursuit of thought, emotion free, & a release of captured & confined interaction with the tethered soul.

Look up, free to soar in thought like a bird, no like a beam of light at the speed of thought, requiring only the desire to reach toward the heavens & to just be!

To really be!
As the mind let's go & releases all connection to past, future, space, time, the fabric of context is torn & then gone as though it had never existed at all. Here becomes anywhere & the mind is back in the womb of creation.   Home at last, nowhere & everywhere!