Jerry's Poetry 
"The Mother-In-Law Poem"


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She'll make you bleed, she'll make you scream
She'll make your life a miserable dream
The knife in your stomach will turn and turn
Your preoccupation will be constant heart burn
She likes to stick you right in the gut
Spouting and spewing the lousiest smut
The anguish, the torture, the constant crap
Sometimes her face, you will just want to slap
She brings you some garbage food to shove up your ass
Seasons it with ground up glass
Waits until your innards do bleed
And your life of torture and death is decreed
Who can be this monstrous old slut
The kind of wench that can dig you a rut
The one that holds your balls in a sling
I'll give you a hint, a bell it may ring
She's the one that gave a birth to your spouse
She's the one, her husband, quietly calls louse
She's the one that no-one holds in awe
She's your goddamn mother-fuck'n mother-in-law!