Jerry's Poetry 
"Cradled in Her Arms"


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My earliest memories are being cradled in her arms
She protected me then from the world's little harms
She nurtured me as I began to grow and grow
And she held me firm as I jumped to and fro

I remember that she worked with me to learn
It was tough cause I had so many calories to burn
I couldn't sit and it must have been hard
I can only thank her for her patience in this regard

She taught me manners, and with others how to get along
She supported me and relished in my singing in my song
She told me I was handsome and gave me self esteem
And made it clear our family was always on the same team

One day when I left for college she waved goodbye and cried
And she did it again the day that I took my wife for my bride
She has always been supportive and loving and so bright
She has always been my mother, my nurturer and my light.