Jerry's Poetry 


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I Imagine the Future and Consider the Past
Though past may be first and future last
They don't exist, at least here and now
So where am I, in the middle somehow?

The middle is here and then gone in a flash
Is it up in smoke, has it turned to ash?
Where has it gone and where might I be?
How can I know, what is the key?

Then I take a moment and stand behind
Myself, my thoughts and even my mind
I'm there, I'm present, and what do I see
The here and now and a version of me

Here the past has vanished and the future expired
And I am perfect, nothing else is required
I'm part of it all, in the moment, I'm free!
All attachments are gone and I can just be!

Well then, to be or not to be is a choice
The key is noticing an elusive voice
Just pay some attention and let things go
And the source of being you will surely know.