Jerry's Poetry
"The Barbecue" 


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Invited one day to a barbecue
Invitation said, at our party we want you
Arrived on time to preview my fate
One of everything, I did ate

Said Tom, said Sue, try this try that
They deny their attempt at turning me fat
Little did they know what harm they did cause
But my ass did expel without a pause

For several hours the enjoyment was vast
Sorely this pleasure was soon in the past
My orifice grew large and out of proportion
Flagellation for me and for the world absorption

The people around soon abandoned me
Spouting words of contempt for the air you see
Then the six O'clock news was there to report
The evacuation order brought down by the court

They said, I was responsible for the vast devastation
And that soon I would ruin a once thriving nation
The Russians not trusting, thought me a new weapon
Would destroy their country while not overstep’n  

They could find no response to the latest threat
That their Russian air would soon be nyet!
On trial in front of the entire world
The story of how was soon unfurled

A few days later no-one lived to tell
The story of how Tom and Sue went to hell!