Link to Letter Requesting an Investigation of Plum Island and the CDC

An Open Letter to State Leaders:

Investigate The Biowarfare Pathogen Leak From Plum Island Animal Disease Center, NY

Resultant Epidemic Being Used to Conduct a Large-Scale Vaccine Experiment Under The Cover of National Security


Jerry Leonard


“How tragic would be the irony if an agency established to control and find cures for diseases caused instead their proliferation.”

–Comment on Plum Island’s Biological Warfare Research, quoted in Lab 257



Investigation Needed

The CDC is certainly not fighting this epidemic. Nor are they helping the public understand the true nature of the devastating epidemic it causes. They are working with powerful medical societies like the IDSA to perpetuate the epidemic under the pretext of treating it.[1] As the Roanoke Times recently quoted Dr. Muddasar Chaudr regarding the ability of independent physicians to treat Lyme victims: “Our practice is restricted by higher authorities, like the CDC.” [2]

In order to confront this epidemic head on and address the underlying cause, we need to investigate those perpetuating it. Consequently,

  • I am asking you to protect the citizens of your state and investigate the Lyme disease epidemic as the continuation of the Tuskegee Experiment, which still makes headlines to this day. (If your office is unable to do this, please direct me to the proper government agency that is able to do this.)
    • Were any procedures put into place during previous government investigations to stop a continuation of the Tuskegee Experiment?
    • If so, what are these protections and how can an ongoing experiment be reported and stopped?

  • ·          I am also asking you to investigate the source of the epidemic as being a leaked pathogen from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, off the coast of Long Island, and at the center of the epidemic.
    • Has any elected or appointed official of these Lyme-ravaged states actually confronted Plum Island on what ticks and what tick-borne diseases were studied there and how this research may be related to the pathogens infecting the public in the surrounding areas?
    • Anyone with access to the internet could navigate to the CDC Lyme surveillance webpage and, with Google or Bing maps, rapidly identify the epicenter of the epidemic by simply plotting these statistics. I have published such a study on my web page. See: 
      • Did Lyme Disease Come From Plum Island? 

    • According to one biowar-related publication[3] there are clear “Indicators of Unnatural or Suspicious Outbreaks of Disease” that might be related to a biowarfare program. The following indicators from the published list also characterize the Lyme epidemic and associated co-infections[4]:
      • “Origination from a point source with many victims coming into contact with the agent at the same time.”
      • “More severe disease than is normally expected for the pathogen.”
      • “Multiple epidemics of different diseases.”
      • “Different diseases in the same patient.”
      • “A disease that attacks animals as well as humans.”
      • “Intelligence information that a group has access to an agent.”
      • “Failure of a group or state to cooperate with an investigation of an outbreak or refusals of offers of assistance.”[5]

    • The US has established models and procedures for determining whether an outbreak of disease is related to a biowarfare program. (One of these models is the Office of Technology Model (OTA) model.)[6]  
      • Were these established procedures applied with respect to the Lyme outbreak in the US and elsewhere to determine if it was due to a biowarfare pathogen from nearby tick labs? If not, why not? If so, where is a copy of the associated report?
    • According to Michael Carroll (author of Lab 257), there is a history of tick research being conducted at Plum Island, which happens to overlap with the outbreak of a major tick-vectored epidemic in the region. According to Michael Carroll:

§         “In laymen's terms, Plum Island was experimenting with the Lone Star tick and the Cayenne tick--feeding them on viruses and testing them on pigs--during the ground zero year of Lyme disease. ...

The Lone Star tick, named after the white star on the back of the female, is a hard tick; along with its cousin, the deer tick, it is a culprit in the spread of Lyme disease. Interestingly, at that time, the Lone Star tick's habitat was confined to Texas. Today, however, it is endemic throughout New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. And no one can really explain how it migrated all the way from Texas.”

    • Studies investigating how ticks, which might have escaped from Plum Island, would spread in the surrounding populated areas should have been conducted by the CDC.
      • Porton Down in the UK has admitted to conducting similar studies with respect to the spread of “Lyme Fever” from a point source:
        • “the model can identify potential hot spots for tick distribution and abundance and therefore the potential risk areas for future vector-borne transmission of infection to humans.” [7]
      • Such “GIS” [Geographic Information Systems] modeling was also conducted in the UK to trace a pathogen called legionellosis to a specific tower, by using
        • “…GIS it was possible to demonstrate that the locations and trajectories of the cases were consistent with the postulated exposures from the tower.”[8]
      • Where are these studies in the US with respect to Lyme disease and Plum Island or other tick labs?

    • Is the Plum Island leak scenario plausible?
      • The New York Times reported that at least one virus has escaped the Plum Island lab environs at least two times. One occasion was the day before a visit by New York politicians. A previous escape occurred in 1978, just as the Lyme epidemic was getting underway:
        • “The Department of Homeland Security confirmed last week that the highly contagious foot-and-mouth virus had briefly spread within the Plum Island Animal Disease Center in two previously undisclosed incidents earlier this summer.

“The first incident, which involved two head of cattle, occurred one day before government officials and visitors came to the island on June 25 to celebrate the laboratory's 50th anniversary. …

“In 1978, a foot and mouth outbreak among animals in pens outside the laboratory resulted in new procedures for keeping animals used in research inside the biocontainment area.”[9]

[John Rather,  “Plum Island Reports Disease Outbreak,” New York Times, Aug. 22, 2004.]

        • What other infectious agents have escaped “secure” environments at Plum Island?
      • The nature of the Lyme spirochete is consistent with having been recently modified to be more pathological and useful as a disabling biowarfare agent (an ospC-A clone):
        • "In fact, the highly pathogenic ospC-A clone [of Borrelia burgdorferi] seems to have spread rapidly in recent years to infect a broad range of host species ...

...We conclude that the ospC-A clone has dispersed rapidly and widely in the recent past. The spread of the ospC-A clone may have contributed, and likely continues to contribute, to the rise of Lyme disease incidence.”[10]

[“Wide Distribution of a High-Virulence Borrelia burgdorferi Clone in Europe and North America,” Emerg Infect Dis. 2008 July; 14(7): 1097–1104.]



  • In addition to investigating the outbreak and subsequent cover up as being the result of a pathogen leak from Plum Island, I am requesting that you obtain the CDC’s EIS reports from the era when EIS agent Allen Steere was put in charge of the investigation of the outbreak, which occurred just outside of the Plum Island Biowarfare lab.
    • This is the EIS’s job—to investigate outbreaks of diseases and determine if they were due to biowarfare agents.[11]
    • What were the conclusions of this report, or related ones?
    • Did they investigate which tick-borne pathogens were being studied at Plum Island, just across the Long Island Sound from Lyme, Connecticut?
    • If they did not conduct such studies, why have they not been fired for negligence instead of being labeled experts?

  • I am also requesting that you obtain copies of the tick research and tick-borne pathogens, including borrelias, that were researched at Plum Island and are now found infecting the public in an arc of states surrounding the lab, including your state.
    • Did Willy Burgdorfer’s borrelia-infected ticks get sent to Plum Island?
    • What ticks were studied at Plum Island? Could this research explain the suddenly expanded range of hard ticks, such as the Lone Start tick, in the vicinity of Plum Island?
    • What spirochete and borrelia agents were studied at Plum Island and how do they relate to the borrelia that causes Lyme disease?
    • We know that certain borrelia telomeres have sequence similarities to disease agents that were being studied on Plum Island. They also share a common tick host—one that is still being studied at Plum Island. Did these borrelia telomeres have help with the proposed “horizontal genetic transfer across kingdoms”? [12]
    • Were bartonella and babesia agents also studied at Plum Island? These co-infections are frequently found infecting Lyme victims.[13]

  • In addition to a list of pathogens studied at Plum Island, I am requesting safety or leak reports from that facility in the time frame just before and after the Lyme epidemic began to explode in the area surrounding Plum Island. Were the proper procedures followed to protect the public?[14]

    • Was a safety assessment conducted by Plum Island to determine if its ticks or pathogens were released into the surrounding area?
      • If so, where are the reports on local tick populations and their pathogen infection rates before and after the Lyme epidemic associated cluster of previously rare arthritis cases in children began outside of Plum Island?
      • Where are the reports of local human exposure and correlation of symptoms with those expected from the leaked pathogen?
    • Was a damage control project initiated to cover up the ongoing leaks from Plum Island? Did this consist of destroying the credibility and practices of doctors trying to treat victims of leaked pathogens?
    • Was a cover-up plan implemented to systematically divert attention from what was being studied at Plum Island and to deny the pathogenic nature of leaked organisms through grossly simplified disease models?
    • How do we know this lab is not still leaking pathogens?

  • Finally, I am asking you to investigate the possibility that the deliberate denial-of-care is being conducted by the CDC/EIS in conjunction with the IDSA as a vaccine development and marketing vehicle, as outlined in a CDC/EIS paper which explains the parameters which would make a Lyme disease vaccine cost-effective. These are exactly the disastrous policies (creating diagnosis and treatment difficulties that make a vaccine less expensive by comparison) that the EIS has perpetuated over the decades through the Steere-camp of Lyme disease—much to the detriment of Lyme victims.

    • To what extent are the epidemiologists in your state participating in this cover-up?[15] As summarized by researcher Elena Cook:
      • "It’s possible to see the modern history of Lyme as a string of events with an EIS member at every crucial node.”[16]
    • Are your state epidemiologists graduates of the CDC biowarfare epidemiology program that completely surround the non-response to the epidemic? According to the American Journal of Epidemiology:
      • “In 2000, 43% of state and territorial epidemiologists were EIS graduates.”
      • Epidemiologists trained in the Epidemic Intelligence Service are the ones downplaying the geographical extent and relapsing nature of the Lyme Epidemic.[17] And this downplaying of the infection-rate and chronic nature of the disease directly results in treatment denial.
    • Have your state epidemiologists conducted tick surveillance studies in your state? If so, what were the ticks infected with? (Hint: check for various strains of Borrelia burgdorferi, Bartonella and Babesia.)
    • Are your state epidemiologists giving state citizens IDSA sanctioned “Tuskegee propaganda” or, rather, accurate information about the deadly nature of the epidemic and the routine treatment failures of those following the CDC’s alleged treatment experts?


I trust that you understand the grave implications of this epidemic for the citizens of your state. Not only are various Lyme disease strains being spread across the country by ticks due to inferior diagnostic tests which are falsely touted as highly accurate (and often found to be patented by those in the inner circle of the incestuous clique of CDC sanctioned experts that are also persecuting Lyme physicians). The nation’s blood supply is also now tainted because of these false efficacy claims.


Unfortunately, these deadly claims are perpetuated through circular reasoning within the CDC/IDSA Lyme cult-of-personality that claims to be the final word on “evidence-based medicine,” but references largely its own self-serving studies which typically reach predetermined and false conclusions. Dr. Willy Burgdorfer, namesake of Lyme disease, has summarized how this small group controls research dollars and perpetuates their own careers while producing absolutely nothing of any value to patients:

“The controversy in Lyme disease research is a shameful affair. And I say that because the whole thing is politically tainted.  Money goes to people who have, for the past 30 years, produced the same thing—nothing.  Serology has to be started from scratch with people who don’t know beforehand the results of their research.”[18]

Lyme expert Dr. Joseph Burrascano, warned in congressional testimony how this clique of Ivory Tower “experts” operates to protect itself, to the detriment of patients and their doctors:

“There is a core group of university-based Lyme disease researchers and physicians whose opinions carry a great deal of weight. Unfortunately, many of them act unscientifically and unethically. They adhere to outdated, self-serving views and attempt to personally discredit those whose opinions differ from their own.”

Dr. Ed Masters, a now-deceased Lyme doctor from Missouri who caught the CDC red-handed conducting a fraudulent investigation to justify denying the existence of Lyme disease in the Southeast, gave a blunt summary of the establishment experts’ horrendous track record on Lyme disease science over the years:

“First off, they said it was a new disease, which it wasn’t. Then it was thought to be viral, but it isn’t. Then it was thought that sero-negativity didn’t exist, which it does. They thought it was easily treated by short courses of antibiotics, which sometimes it isn’t. Then it was only the Ixodes dammini tick, which we now know is not even a separate valid tick species. If you look throughout the history, almost every time a major dogmatic statement has been made about what we ‘know’ about this disease, it was subsequently proven wrong or underwent major modifications.”


The misinformation manufactured and distributed by the CDC/IDSA/Ivy League “Lyme Cartel” has led the nation to the brink of an unprecedented health disaster. As has been summarized by one anonymous Lyme doctor:

“So now we have a politically incorrect pandemic, a pandemic which has been cranking up for decades, a pandemic fueled by political motives coupled with a consummate disregard for public health, and a pandemic which, when the sources, motives, and actions that led to the … pandemic come to light, will be incomprehensible in its amorality and foolishness.”

Since this Lyme Cartel, and the associated treatment-denial, is controlled from the “top down,” only unrelenting pressure “from the ground up” can expose and ameliorate this grave situation.

I thank you in advance for your assistance in this process by providing answers to the questions I have posted above.

I have studied this problem for many years now, as a disease-victim, scientist and citizen-journalist. If you have additional questions on this subject that you feel I may be able to answer, please feel free to contact me. I would be glad to share what I have learned, the hard way.

Jerry Leonard

Charlotte, North Carolina

[1] Dr. Leo Galland has summarized how the IDSA is leaving Lyme victims untreated as a result of its flawed and highly controversial treatment guidelines (which were developed in conjunction with CDC policy):

“The Infectious Diseases Society of America has stated that three weeks of antibiotics will cure over 95 percent of people with Lyme disease. But many experts have challenged these treatment guidelines as being inaccurate. As I see it, even if the Infectious Diseases Society of America's guidelines are accurate, they are grossly inadequate: A failure rate approaching 5 percent for a curable disease is unacceptable.

“…Let's check the math: At present there are about 30,000 new cases of Lyme disease reported to state health departments each year. Everyone acknowledges that under-reporting is the rule, so that there are undoubtedly many more new cases in the U.S. every year. The annual incidence is probably more than 100,000 new cases each year. Lyme disease has been with us for at least 30 years. So, even if the failure rate of the IDSA guidelines is only 1 to 4 percent, as claimed, there are tens of thousands of Americans living with incompletely treated Lyme disease.” “Lyme Disease Symptoms: Key Facts About This Mysterious Illness,”

Huffington Post, June 8, 2011.

[2] Dr. Muddasar Chaudry quoted in: “The Doctor of Last Resort,” Beth Macy, Roanoke Times,

[3] “The War Next Time: Countering Rogue States and Terrorists Armed with Chemical and Biological Weapons,” Dr. Barry R. Schneider, Colonel (Dr.) Jim A. Davis, Editors, Chapter 5: “Pointing the Finger: Unclassified Methods of Identifying Covert Biological Warfare Programs” (by Dorothy Dubois),

[4] Borrelia victims also frequently have co-infections of Babesia and Bartonella.

[5] In this case, the “group” is the CDC’s biowarfare group, the EIS, which has orchestrated the epidemic from the beginning by disrupting independent investigations, spreading deadly misinformation, and creating catastrophic debilitation in the medical community.

[6] “The War Next Time: Countering Rogue States and Terrorists Armed with Chemical and Biological Weapons,” Dr. Barry R. Schneider, Colonel (Dr.) Jim A. Davis, Editors, Chapter 5: “Pointing the Finger: Unclassified Methods of Identifying Covert Biological Warfare Programs” (by Dorothy Dubois),

[7] “An example of a predictive modelling study being carried out at HPA Porton Down relates to the sheep tick, which can transmit a range of vector-borne diseases, including Congo Crimean Haemorrhagic Fever, Lyme Fever, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis and tick-borne encephalitis. By undertaking comprehensive ecological and environmental analysis in a sophisticated GIS of the key parameters that impact on tick ecology (such as land cover type, climate, topography, animal host distribution and human demographics), the model can identify potential hot spots for tick distribution and abundance and therefore the potential risk areas for future vector-borne transmission of infection to humans.” “A modelling programme on bio-incidents” Submitted by the United Kingdom,  “MEETING OF THE STATES PARTIES TO THE CONVENTION ON THE PROHIBITION OF THE DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION AND STOCKPILING OF BACTERIOLOGICAL (BIOLOGICAL) AND TOXIN WEAPONS AND ON THEIR DESTRUCTION,” Second Meeting, Geneva, 6-10 December 2004, Meeting of Experts, Geneva, 19-30 July 2004, Items 5 and 6 of the agenda

[8] Example of a ‘real time’ application: the Legionella outbreak in Hereford, 2003:

The health officials investigating an ongoing outbreak of legionellosis in Hereford in 2003 had identified a cooling tower that they felt could have caused the outbreak, consistent with two sets of information: the location of those individuals who did not move out of the area during the outbreak; and the timing and location of the infected individuals from outside Hereford who seemed to have made only one visit to Hereford. HPA Porton Down was asked to help provide confirmatory evidence that the tower could have been responsible for the outbreak. … By integrating the outputs from the dispersion modelling with the relevant data on the legionellosis cases within the GIS it was possible to demonstrate that the locations and trajectories of the cases were consistent with the postulated exposures from the tower.”

A modelling programme on bio-incidents” Submitted by the United Kingdom.

[9] John Rather, “Plum Island Reports Disease Outbreak,” New York Times, Aug. 22, 2004.

[10] “Wide Distribution of a High-Virulence Borrelia burgdorferi Clone in Europe and North America,” Emerg Infect Dis. 2008 July; 14(7): 1097–1104.

[11] Chartered with alerting the nation's health infrastructure in the event of a bioweapon release, so that a rapid response could be initiated, the EIS is in fact systematically misinforming the nation on the nature of a disease caused by what the US government has admitted is a bioweapon. It is thus orchestrating a “non-response” to a biological warfare agent—exactly counter to its charter. LANGMUIR, A D; ANDREWS J M (March 1952). "Biological warfare defense. The Epidemic Intelligence Service of the Communicable Disease Center" American journal of public health and the nation's health 42 (3): 235–8.

[12] Borrelia telomeres were reported to have sequence similarities when compared to viruses, such as African swine fever virus, that were studied at Plum Island:

“When the borrelia telomeres were compared with telomeric sequences of other linear double-stranded DNA replicons, sequence similarities were noted with poxviruses and particularly with the iridovirus agent of African swine fever. The latter virus and a Borrelia sp. share the same tick vector. These findings suggest that the novel linear plasmids of Borrelia originated through a horizontal genetic transfer across kingdoms.”

J Hinnebusch and A G Barbour, “Linear plasmids of Borrelia burgdorferi have a telomeric structure and sequence similar to those of a eukaryotic virus,” J Bacteriol. 1991 November; 173(22): 7233–7239.

[13] The epidemics of babesia and bartonella overlap with that of Lyme disease. The mainstream media is just now beginning to take notice of the babesia epidemic:

 “Someday, perhaps not so far into the future, the so-called “emerging” malady known as babesiosis may join Lyme disease as another environmental scourge wrought by the tiny and insidious black-legged tick. And Dutchess County is at the crest of this gathering wave.”Dutchess at center of rising tick threat: More ticks, people infected with babesiosis,”

[14]  According to one publication geared toward helping physicians to identify outbreaks of modified organisms:

“The intentional or unintentional release of genetically modified organisms into the environment may cause outbreaks of infectious diseases with unusual epidemiological or clinical manifestations. The recognition that certain unusual cases are clustered and represent an outbreak requires a high level of suspicion and broad communication among medical, clinical laboratory, and public health professionals.”


In the case of Lyme disease and its “unusual epidemiological or clinical manifestations”, I believe this broad communication among various professionals has been systematically suppressed and obvious conclusions discredited, so that the true nature of the organism will not be recognized by those outside the biowarfare community.


See: Janet R. Gilsdorf1, and Raymond A. Zilinskas,New Considerations in Infectious Disease Outbreaks: The Threat of Genetically Modified Microbes,” CID 2005:40 (15 April): CONFRONTING BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS,

[15] The EIS certainly has the reach and influence to carry out such an agenda. As reported on one study:

 “The current CDC Director (and two previous Directors) and a Deputy Director are graduates of the program, as are the directors of 9 of the 11 major CDC organizational units and much of the CDC leadership throughout the organization. Two alumni have served as Surgeon General of the United States.

The article also described the influence of the EIS in the international realm:

“Many EIS alumni are serving or have served in leadership roles for the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, the World Bank, and other international organizations and foundations.”

[16] Elena Cook, “Lyme Is A Biowarfare Issue

[17] The establishment experts have simply labeled the recurring, chronic phase of the disease as “Post Lyme Syndrome,” an insulting, unscientific label that denies an ongoing infection by fiat so that treatment denial can be rationalized.

[18] “Lyme discoverer Willy Burgdorfer breaks silence on heated controversy”