Tuskegee Experiment Continued Under National Security Umbrella?

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Tuskegee Experiment Update, Lyme Disease as "Tuskegee, Phase II" (video)

Lyme and Syphilis are Caused by Similar Disease-Agents

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Lyme Epidemic = "Tuskegee Through Treatment Guidelines"

Doctors Prevented from Treating Lyme Patients by Treatment Guidelines

Treatment Guidelines Created and Enforced by CDC Biowarfare "Doctors


 Just As Tuskegee Treatment-Denial Experiment (Phase-I) Was Being Exposed and Shut Down,

Lyme Epidemic Begins

A protracted vaccine development and marketing exercise carried out by creating a synthetic epidemic through the biowarfare infrastructure?

Vaccines Developed Through Treatment-Denial and Marketed Through Synthetic Epidemic


For a disease that's "hard to catch and easy to cure"--the "party line" of Steere-Camp, government-grant sanctioned "gate-keepers"--  there sure is a lot of high-level interest on the part of the "biowarfare community," including several biowarfare lab directors, who double as Lyme [non-] treatment experts...

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Excerpts from...

Physicians Round Table (2012): Invited Talk

Connecting the Dots: Lyme Disease and Biowarfare

How to Practice Medicine and Kill People Without a License: A Step-By-Step Description of the Process

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20dr1EE1v6Y



A proposed model for how it all fits together:
Creating and enforcing the "voluntary" guidelines through manufactured 'experts'
(aka "Steere-Camp" Thought-Leaders/Pharma Consultants

"It's possible to see the modern history of Lyme as a string of events with an
EIS member at every crucial node."

--Elena Cook

(EIS = CDC's Biowarfare Group)

See Also:

Physicians Round Table (2012): Invited Talk

Connecting the Dots: Lyme Disease and Biowarfare

The medical, financial and historical context of the man-made Lyme disease epidemic

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEQ62i_CoYY
(Tuskegee Experiment Update, Lyme Disease as "Tuskegee, Phase II")

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK6rNXegcAA
(Connecting the Dots: Tuskegee Experimentation Continued Through National Security Infrastructure)

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20dr1EE1v6Y
(How to Practice Medicine and Kill People Without a License: A Step-By-Step Description of the Process)

Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRA6HHGXHu8
(The CDC's "Smoking Gun" Vaccine-Marketing Blueprint for Perpetuating Lyme Disease)

The Steere-Camp/CDC/Biowarfare Madness Explained by CDC Biowarfare Author:

A Lyme Vaccine Only Becomes Cost-Effective If the Diagnostic Tests Don't Work, the Treatment is Expensive and Ineffective, and the Epidemic Proliferates Out of Control:

The AMA Ethics Journal Explains How It Could Be Ethical To Force People Into Vaccine Development Trials

Excerpt from Part 4:
The CDC's "Smoking Gun" Vaccine-Marketing Blueprint

As Emma Hitt explained in Nature Medicine, the cost-effectiveness argument for a vaccine (“savings per case averted”) only made sense if a 500% increase in infection rates took place:
  • “A cost-effectiveness analysis of the Lyme disease vaccine by the CDC indicates that the use of Lymerix vaccine is justified only in areas in which the incidence of Lyme disease is high.
  • They found that the mean net savings of vaccination per case averted is $3,377 if the probability of contracting Lyme disease is estimated at 0.03. However, the probability of contracting Lyme disease is, in all but a few areas, less than 0.005.”

The CDC vaccine-marketability authors found that, within parameter values  estimated to be accurate at the time when the first Lyme vaccine was being marketed, increasing the probability of Lyme disease to 1%-3% would make the vaccine appear cost-effective. The problem was that, except for a few isolated areas, this proposed probability of contracting Lyme was far higher than actual infection rates.

Were CDC policies put into place to correct this?

• Were CDC-trained epidemiologists (EIS), such as Allen Steere, put in place to justify disastrous policies to make the vaccine cost-effective, as outlined in this CDC-authored publication?

• Does this explain the decades of outrageous CDC policies to the detriment of the public, allowing Lyme disease to spread generally and its effects to worsen individually beyond what they would have with proper treatment so that a vaccine could be justified from a financial standpoint?

The answers are... yes.