Jerry presents the Egyptian radio show on 96.5FM on Mondays at 8pm [ bilingual. Melbourne, Australia ].


Around the turn of the last century and through to the 1950's Egypt was listening to the wonderful music and lyrics of a great many, very talented, iconic artists.

And now, too, here in Australia, we are privileged to have a modest but quite substantial number of home grown bands who share with us their great talent and their deep passion for the music of our roots.


We, here at 96.5FM and at the Egyptian radio show, are about supporting, as best we can, community services, about nurturing young musical talents, about broadcasting Egyptian music and about giving a helping hand, or, a voice in this case, to all those who ask for it.


Jerry believes that the Egyptian radio show is about nurturing the next generation of artists and about instilling and perpetuating a passion for the instruments, the tunes and the special harmonies that have emerged from Egypt. 


It is his fervent hope that The Egyptian radio show will encourage all  of Egypt's neighboring communities to listen with an open heart and a welcoming soul, with an inquiring mind, to each other’s diverse perspectives, the wealth of each other's ideas and works of art, about showing a deep interest in all things Middle Easter and North African: from food recipes, to cultural customs, to music, to dance, to literature and to whatever else identifies them as neighbours of the same continent –and, most definitely, of the same planet, planet Earth!.


Jerry and his family arrived in Australia in 1968 when he was barely a teenager at which time his wide taste for Egyptian music stood, as it were, frozen still. That year was a year when Egypt's arts, both performance, as well as Literary, defined her. It was a year when Egypt, Jerry believes, was most blessed by the muses; when these muses lavished upon her the best in all aspects of culture and intellect.


Innovative, imaginative musical composers founded the new upbeat music and it is upon those foundations that Egyptian music stands tall and proud today and, though her neighbours have lent her over the years, much of their various cultures and music, her own is still acutely recognizable and all Egyptian ears will easily identify it just as he, at 96.5FM, lovingly broadcasts it on a weekly basis.


Radio allows us to gently reflect upon Egypt's old but extremely rich culture. We may hear, perhaps, the faint echo of a tune that has been frozen in time inside the vast memory warehouse of our childhood and from that faint echo, be able to fast-forward to the new tunes that show us who we are today.


So then, what will Jerry play?.   What do Jerry's ears enjoy hearing?

You would not be surprised to know that Jerry – like all other humans- is endowed with two ears and he allows one of them to drink (as Shakespeare would put it) from the Western Well and the other from the Eastern one, ie, specifically, from that well called Egypt.   And so, it is from both these wells that he draws his inspiration and the music he selects to play for his audience, the audience of 96.5FM.


Jerry, of course, also feels that the Egyptian radio show should also be informative; about matters to do with Egypt, as well as with Australia and to that end, he endeavours to conduct interviews with people who are best able to give his audience the information they need.    As well, Jerry feels that the Egyptian radio show should provide stories  which may not be in the realm of Current Affairs and which may not be covered by the major English-speaking Australian media but which are still interesting, stimulating, exhilarating and inspirational.


Jerry sincerely hopes that those tuned to his program will enjoy as much as he does his selections of music and interviews.


"Western Ear" for Western Artists
George Formby popular ukulelist 30's & 40's
Bob Dylan
Australian Rock 60's & 70's
Disco 80's
Edith Piaf
Paul Robeson
Messiah - Handel
Soprano Opera singers
Cecilia Bartoli
          "Eastern Ear" for Eastern Egyptian Artists
           Oum Kalthoum
           Abdel Halim Hafez
           Farid Elatrache
           Belly dancing
           Instrumentals - Oud, Violin, Ney

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Thank you for listening.
Jerry Guirguis
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