Jerry Crisci is the Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation, as well as co-Director of the Center for Innovation for the Scarsdale Public Schools in Scarsdale, NY. The Scarsdale Technology program has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, CBS radio's Charles Osgood program, and several magazines. In 2003, Scarsdale was awarded a "Technology Salute" by the National School Boards Association, one of three districts selected nationally.

Jerry served as a contributing editor at Electronic Learning magazine and a columnist for Kids and Computers magazine. His articles and software reviews have appeared in many books and publications, including Electronic Learning, Classroom Computer Learning, Multimedia Schools, Kids and Computers, Instructor, Technology Horizons in Education and Middle Years. His work has been profiled in many publications, including School CIO, District Administration and EdTech magazines.

Jerry has served as an adjunct professor at the St. Thomas Aquinas College and a technology instructor at several ASCD Summer Technology Academies in New York, North Carolina, and Illinois. He has presented papers and workshops at many conferences, including the International Conference on Technology and Education at MIT, the NSBA T+L Conference, COSN, and at several National Educational Computing Conferences. He became a Google Certified Teacher in 2007, and has conducted dozens of workshops on using Google's technologies in education. In 2012, Jerry was selected to be a New Media Consortium K-12 Ambassador, a global network of 22 leading educational visionaries.

Jerry is also President of Chestnut Hill Media, an educational technology consulting firm and software design studio. He has authored two commercial software packages - They Came to Ellis Island and The Multimedia Project Planning Kit. His book on future trends in education will be published in the spring of 2018.

Jerry has a B.A. from Rutgers College,  Rutgers University, a dual M.S. from the University of Pennsylvania, and a C.A.S in Administration from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Recent Presentations

Spring 2016

LHRIC Tech Expo: The Road Ahead: Building the School of Tomorrow using the Tools of Today

Fall 2016

Iona Prep Conference Day Keynote: Using Technology to Connect with Students

TechForum Princeton: Coding 2.0 (panel presentation)

Spring 2015

LHRIC Tech Expo: Coding to Learn

Fall 2014

TechForumNY: Creating a Center for Innovation

Summer 2014

iWeek 2014: Annual Summer Technology Institute

Google Reload: Mendham, NJ

Spring 2014

Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) Annual Conference:  "Building a Culture of Innovation in your School" (with Mike McGill and Lynne Shain)

Global Learning Alliance Annual Conference:  "Creating a Center for Innovation: One District's Story" (with Mike McGill and Lynne Shain)

Westchester Tech Meetup:  "The Ellis Island Experience: A Next Generation eBook"

Fall 2014

TechForumNY "Creating Interactive eBooks with iBooks Author and other Tools" with Meg Wilson and Alan Taylor

Fall 2013

TechForumNY "Advanced Tools for iBooks Author: Is it a Book or is it an App?"

Teachers College, Columbia University's District-Wide Transformative Change Conference "Creating a Center for Innovation: One District's Story" (with Mike McGill and Lynne Shain)

Summer 2013

iWeek 2013: Annual Summer Technology Institute

Spring 2013

Consortium for School Networking "Creating a Center for Innovation: One District's Story" (with Mike McGill and Lynne Shain)

Fall 2012

NY Tech Forum Panel Discussion "Technology Implementations: Traditional or Transformational?" with David Jakes, Lisa Thumann and Patrick Higgins

Summer 2012

New Media Consortium Conference at MIT "Creating Highly Interactive eBooks"

iWeek: Annual Summer Technology Institute

Spring 2012

NYNJ Google Summit at Kean University "Transforming Teaching, Learning, and Assessment" (with Michael Pincus and Ken Holvig)

NY EdTech Entrepreneurs MeetUp

Fall 2011

CIO Summit "An Education for the Future"

Connecticut Association of Superintendents Conference "Cross-Disciplinary Project Assessments" (with Lynne Shain, Jodi Giroux, Ken Holvig, Amy Kenny, Meghan Troy, and Meghan Lahey)

Summer 2011

International Society for Technology and Education, Phiadelphia, PA "I Didn't Know Google Could do That!"

iWeek: Annual Summer Technology Institute

Spring 2011

LHRIC Workshop Presentation: "iPad in Education" (with Ken Holvig)

LHRIC Leadership Presentation: "Google Apps for Edu" (with Michael Pincus, Peter McKenna, Ken Holvig)

Boston TechForum: "Venturing into the Cloud with Google Docs" (with Michael Pincus)

Iona College Conference Day Keynote: "Five Trends for the Future"

LHRIC TechExpo "The Transformation Principles"

LHRIC TechExpo "iPad2 in Education" (with Ken Holvig)

Fall 2010

NY TechForum: "Venturing into the Cloud with Google Docs" (with Michael Pincus)

NY TechForum "Geo Everything" (with Doug Rose)

Summer 2010
iWeek: Annual Summer Technology Institute

Spring 2010

Conference Day Keynote: West Canada Valley School District "Five Trends for the Future"

LHRIC TechExpo "Five Trends - A Framework for the Future"

Summer 2009

NYSCATE Summer Leadership Conference "Five Trends for the Future

iWeek: Annual Summer Technology Institute

Spring 2009

Google Academy Reload "I Didn't Know Google Could Do That!"

NYSCATE Metro Conference "The Capstone Project" (with Amy Kenney, Jodi Giroux, and Carol Phillips)
and  "iCan, uCan: Digital Music and Sound for Teachers" (with Ken Holvig)

Winter 2009

STI Course "Five Trends for the Future"

Fall 2008

Apple Computer NYC Training Center

Tri-State Assistant Superintendents Meeting

Ardsley Public Schools Supt. Conference Day Keynote "Five Trends for the Future"

NYSCATE Metro Conference "Five Trends for the Future"

Scarsdale SMS GoogleFest

Lightpath/Westchester County Association