May 5- May 6, 2006 Frost/Freeze in Wisconsin

Gif and animated gif of frost/frreeze in Wisconsin

On the night of May 5, and morning of May 6, 2006 Wisconsin experienced a frost/freeze.  While not unusual for that time of year, it did do some damage, since many crops (including my grapes) were 1-2 weeks ahead of normal.

The following are some GOES-12 IR images from that night enhanced to show the temperatures around Wisconsin.  The resolution of the sensor is only 4 km, so many local temperature effects can not be directly measured.  I marked some Vineyard locations that I knew with yellow crosses.

Temperatures at 11:30 PM CDT on May 5, 2006 

The light Green areas are locations where the temperature is above 0 C.  The light Blue to Red ranges from just below 0 C to -8 C.  NOTE!!! These are satellite dervived temperatures, and some of the colder temperatures may actually be clouds.  I tried to enhance the clouds in white, but some warmer clouds still appear.  It is easiest to tell what is and is not a cloud by animating the images (careful very slow link).

 Temperatures at 5:32 AM CDT on May 6, 2006  (Coldest temperatures)

Looking at this image, you can also see areas that may be less susceptible to late frosts.  Note the obvious Lake effects, and the effect of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers.