Curriculum Guides, Maps for Pacing & Planning, and Assessment

Curriculum Guides

                        Q. So what is it?

A.     District approved document of Curriculum anchoredin the state standards and 
        created along topical (standards) lines.

Q. So what is in it?

                         A.     1) Standards,Goals and Objectives,
                                 2) General idea of when it is taught in the course, 
                                 3) Example of application of how it is taught, 
                                 4) A Reference to the materials to use to teach it, and 
                                 5) A reference to how it is assessed to see if the student learned it.

                          Q. So can we change it?

                        A.     Only
by Board approval on the rotation of Curriculum Adoption

MAPS (Pacing Plans)

Q. So what is it?

                    A.    The map is the tool to specifically plan the progression of the course by
                            objectives; units with objectives or time with objectives. We used to call
                            this a planning calendar.

Q. What is the map for?

                    A. It guides daily lesson plans. Those teaching like course use maps to plan
                        the course together. Good lesson planning includes the content objectives,
                        what the students are learning specifically in the objective and potentially
                        how it will be done. We should also be specific about the assessment of the
                        objectives. This gets us deep into our curriculum. As we update our maps
                        and plan lessons, follow the District approved SIOP Instructional model.
Jerome Curriculum,
Apr 28, 2011, 12:45 PM