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How To Retire in an Energy Efficient Home

I think business and Government are experiments. They have only existed a few thousand years. Why bother to work? If you are tired of working at boring jobs and want to retire, consider living totally self sufficient by building an energy efficient home with zero utility bills. Here's how to get there...

STEP 1:  Save Lots of Money
Start a business on the side. Once you realize working is temporary, new possibilities emerge. Grab the book, "The Million-Dollar Idea in Everyone," by Michael Collins. After a chapter asking questions about your hobbies and interests, "The Million-Dollar Idea in Everyone" shows beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of making money.

Make sure you choose a business that makes a high hourly wage. Strive for at least $50.00 an hour.

Once you have extra money, open a savings account. Keep popping in money. Eventually you have enough in savings and your business makes enough money to quit working for someone else. Grow your money until you have over $100,000.00.

STEP 2: Buy Land
The more acres the better. Land out in the country is often cheap. Here in Indiana, many rural owners sell land for $3,000 an acre. You've got over $100.000.00. Spent it on land.

STEP 3: Build Your Home
Spend even more of your $100,00.00 on materials to build your energy efficient home. A couple built an environmentally efficient home in Southern Indiana with used and donated materials for less than $20,000.00. Check out their home at

STEP 4: Save Even More Money
Keep your business active. You need to replenish the money spent on your home.

Continue adding to your savings account.

STEP 5: Invite Your Friends To Visit and Then Live With You
Build the energy efficient home with separate living quarters for your friends. One might stay for a weekend in one of the living quarters, another might stay for a week and a third might stay year round. Convince your friends to relocate and you will have fun.

Good luck. If you have questions or comments, let me know.

Earthling Jerome