American Indian empires in Mesoamerica, the Southwest, and the Mississippi Valley

Bullet Points of Key Information (every student must have at least THREE per Topic):
1. Description (250 words)
    -Every topic must have a 250 word description giving the general ideas and important information,     
    events, revolutions, etc. that pertain to that particular section (times new Roman font, double-spaced, one 
    inch margin).

2. MC (5)
    -Every topic must have 5 multiple choice questions that pertain to that particular section, chosen from 
    the multiple choice question list on the site. The questions must reveal the correct answer and have a brief 
    description of why the correct answer is correct.

3. Free Response Essay (1)
    -Every topic must have FOUR Free Response Essays (FRE's) that pertain to that particular section, 
    chosen from the list of FRE located on the site answered thoughtfully and completely.

4. Document Based Question (DBQ) (3 Primary Sources)
    -Every topic must choose a DBQ from the list that pertains to that particular section and and find THREE 
    or more Primary Sources that could be used in some capacity to help answer that particular DBQ.

5. Learning Tool
    -Every topic must have something that could be used,listened to, viewed, analyzed, interpreted, etc. in 
    about 15 minutes or less that would aid in student understanding of the section