Welcome to my personal pages

I am an Associate Professor of Finance at Utrecht University and  Maastricht University in The Netherlands.

For two decades, my research has primarily focused on sustainable finance and investments. I study how sustainability (and ESG) issues affect the financial market, investment portfolio management, active ownership, as well as the behavior and valuation of corporations. My research output appears in international peer-reviewed academic journals and has received attention in various international media.  I co-organized several sustainable finance conferences, and serve as  judge for the Moskowitz Prize.

I developed the Sustainable Finance Master's programmes at Maastricht University (2014) and Utrecht University (2022), and currently teach at Master's and Executive/Postgrad levels courses on valuation, equity portfolio management, corporate finance, and sustainable finance and investing.  I am also co-founder of ECCE - The European Center for Sustainable Finance. Previously I held faculty positions at Tilburg University (Economics department and Tilburg Sustainability Center), RSM Erasmus University, and the Open University of the Netherlands. I have a PhD in Financial Management from RSM Erasmus University, the Netherlands. 

Beyond research and education, I am also currently a member of the Academic Review Board of PGGM Systematic Equities Strategies (2022-2025), the Netspar Program Research Council (2024 - ), and I reside on the board of the Research Institute of Utrecht School of Economics. 

Recent Papers and Publications (selection)