Welcome to the Jermaine Stewart - 
The Word Is Out Fansite.  
As a teenager growing up in 80s Britain, Jermaine and his music were like a ray of beautiful light in my life. Jermaine was unique with his own very distinctive sense of style, music and fashion.
He first came to my attention in 1986 with the release of his classic "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" but it was the B side track "Brilliance" that really struck out for me. I tracked down his first album "The Word Is Out" and played it to death as I just loved every track. That summer was a mash up of playing pac man on the newly acquired home computer, eating wine gums and listening to Jermaine!
Jermaine went on to release a further three albums, "Frantic Romantic", "Say It Again" and "What Becomes A Legend Most" and although these included some great music they never surpassed the excellence of that first album and he never really achieved the success he deserved.
Sadly Jermaine only lived a short life and passed away on March 17th 1997, aged 39 of AIDS -related liver cancer in Homewood, Illinois.
Still here we remember Jermaine, the man, his music and wonderful style. Which all live on for all the World to continue to enjoy!

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