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January 2012

Ok. I update this page about every two years.  Since 2012 is the end of the world, i guess this is my last entry!

March 2010

Damn. Time flies.  As you all know Barack Obama has been a huge disappointment.  He has not given up any of the executive powers that the Bush administration acquired.  And hasn't really kept most of his campaign promises. He's basically business as usual.  Although the FDA and EPA are definitely better off. Personally, life is pretty good.  Still in Princeton.  But looking for an escape route.  Hmm.... not feeling very sharing....

November, 2008
  Obama!!!!  Last night the first black president of the United States was elected.  I am a bit worried about the Dems holding too much power but i do have hope that Obama will be a great leader.  He is an intellectual and I believe that he has the entire countries interest at heart, unlike the Bush Admin which only took care of the richest 1% of Americans.

November, 2007
I just returned from a 3 week jaunt to Australia.  My oldest friend in the world married an australian lass in Sydney, so i had to make the trip down under.  When i first arrived the weather wasn't exactly the best.  It is a complete myth that australia is always warm.  There is a north and a south, much like the US, and the part closer to the equator (like Darwin, Cairns, etc.) are generally hot, but the parts that are far from the equator (like Melbourne) can be very cold!  It is a beautiful country and when i have a spare moment i will make a travelog about my trip with lovely pictures and perhaps some video.  I met a lot of great people, and I especially want to thank Chris for hosting me! (Even though we had just met a few days earlier!)

May, 2007

jerlich.com is back!  It was down for a few weeks (Read details on my livejournal blog).  So I have made the move from St. Marks to Nassau St.  The heart of the east village to the heart of princeton.  It's not quite the same, but i have to say that i am enjoying my new life out in the shire.  The thing i miss the most is the St. Mark's Market.  The market was open 24 hours (as are many things in NYC) but it had awesome fish, meat and produce.  I would shop there all the time on my way home from the office.  I miss it dearly.  Princeton is only a short train ride from NYC, so i get to go in an see friends and visit my favorite restaurants plenty. 

October, 2006

Shana tova to everyone!  Rosh Hashana is the day of the creation of the universse, so even for non-jews it should be a holiday.  And if you don't believe? well... neither do i really.  I mean... we celebrate it once a year.... but a year is defined by the earths revolution around the Sun.  Very terrocentric. So i'm still in new york.  I was planning to move to princeton in dec, but we are waiting for construction to be done, so for now i'm in a kind of limbo.  grrr.

June, 2006 

I've been thinking quite a bit about my life and my online presence.  I'm not totally satisfied in having a livejournal blog for all my needs.  some things should be more static.  For example, i would like to have a 'canon' , a list of books, music, etc. that one should read if they are to fully understand me.  This is probably a good place to start if you want to get to know me a little bit.

 And while I am probably one of the earliest people to have a web page (circa 1995) the web has changed.  The extremely vague and annoying phrase 'Web 2.0' is bandied about.  What does it mean.  As far as I can tell, it has something to do with RSS and video and interaction and podcasts.  I'm not ready (or willing?) to build a flash web site, but i am going to try to get in on the podcast thing.  

I'll still use livejournal for current events and my compilation of things i find online. And I'll stick a notice there when i have added a new podcast